Door Speaker Install



Along with the lifestyle of fast cars comes loud music. Even if you don't listen to your favorite music that loud, the average Ford Mustang enthusiast just is not satisfied with the OEM stock speaker quality. Let's just face the facts: stock OEM stereo equipment just isn't up to par with the new technology out on the market these days. Granted, some Ford Mustang enthusiasts are satsfied with the Mach 460 sound system from Ford, and others will pay high dollar for the crisp power of the Ford Mach 1000 system. Both of these OEM systems offer great power and sound in a factory fit location, but subtle improvements to even these systems could be taken to get you an even more crisp, clear, powerful sound of music for not too much money.

If your goal is not just loud bass tones and beats from your sound system, the perfect start to improved sound quality from your stock Ford Mustang's sound system is a new Head Unit. Newer technology head units can play mp3 tracks and some even have video capabilities with mp4 technology. After choosing the head unit that best suits your needs, you can then further improve your sound system by replacing the stock OEM speakers with some higher quality aftermarket ones.

Expected Price:

    Tools: common hand tools are used (free)
    Door Speakers: $80-$240 for pair. Pioneer TS-A6880R 6'x8' 4-way speakers are $129 a pair
    Wire Taps: 2 packs of 6 are $5.99

    Total: appx. $130 for high quality parts done right.

Expected Time:

    1 hour (total combined time for both driver and passenger side door panels- and this is while I took pictures in the process)

Expected Tools Needed for Mustang Speaker Install:

    New Door Speakers (Pioneer 6"x8" Ford Speakers Pictured)
    Wire Taps
    Wire Cutters
    Needle Nose Pliers
    Flat Head Screwdriver
    Phillips Head Screwdriver
    Colth or Rag

door speaker and misc tools
First things first, you will need some common hand tools and a few other misc. pieces to install your door speakers.

Now with your tools gathered, you can actually move on to replacing your factory door speakers with your new aftermarket ones. The first step will be to disconnect your negactive battery cable for safety purposes. Now you can move on to taking out the interior door panel. Don't get scared at this step; if you have never removed a door panel before, you will be surprised as to how easy it really is to do so.

Ford Mustang doorpanel
Your stock Mustang interior should look a little like this...

getting ready to remove the interior door bezel
The part you see here in blue will need to be removed first. Wrap your Flat Head Screwdriver in your cloth or rag and pop the top tab out and then pull up and out on the plastic insert to remove the armrest insert from its housing.

loose wiring
Now that you have the armrest out of its housing, you can remove the door and window switches. Here, the driver's side is pictured. The only difference in driver's vs. passenger side is the passenger side won't have the side view mirror controls here. Push the tab in from the back side of the side view mirror switch to pop the harness from the switch itself.

window and door lock wiring exposed

Now, unscrew the two brass screws from the backside of the power window/door lock switch to remove it from the armrest piece.

And now, your door panel should look like this with the connectors out of the way. Now you can move on to removing the door panel itself from the door to access the door speaker behind there.

speaker wiring harness inside the door
To remove the door panel, access a plastic OEM fastener located to hold the door panel in place. It will be along the front side of the door panel and at the lower corner by the door jamb. Use the Flat Head Screwdriver or Needle Nose Pliers to remove this plastic tab. If you do damage the tab, you can find replacements at Autozone, Wal-Mart, etc. for about $1.99 for a 6 pack.

After removing the black tab, you can lift the door panel up by grabbing hold of the sides of it from inside of the car. Lift up, and the panel will pop off with ease.

With the door panel removed, you will see the speaker housing in the front of the door. Held in by 4 screws, you can simply unscrew the speaker from the door. After removing the speaker form the door and undoing the tab holding the speaker harness to the speaker, you will need to tap into the existing harness to power your new speakers.

wire taps on the speaker harness inside the door
Be sure to tap into the negative wire for the negative connector for the new speaker. Tap into the existing harness simply by placing the harness wire into the Wire Tap alongside the new speaker wire. Simply press the clip in the Wire Tap down using the Needle Nose Pliers and the tap should penetrate the wire to get a good power feed. Now, close the clips on the Wire Taps and this is what the result should look like:

Again, be sure to connect negative to negative from the harness to the speaker, and then you can test the speaker by reinstalling the negative battery terminal and turning the car on to play music. If the speaker works, you are now ready to bolt the new speaker to the door and reinstall the door panel.

    Troublesoot: If the speaker fails to work, chances are that you failed to receive a good power source when tapping into the wires.



Now you are set to reinstall the door panel. Locate the several tabs on the back side of the door panel. Line these up with the holes in the door and drop the panel into place.

Now, with the panel reinstalled, you can reinstall the black tab at the front side. Then, move on to reinstalling the power window/door lock switch utilizing the two brass bolts, and then you can reinstall the side view mirror controls by popping the switch back into place with the harness. Now, pop the armrest cover back into place.

Repeat the above steps (excluding the side view mirror controls) for the passenger side. Finally, clean up your potential dirt and mess by using a quality interior cleaner and you are ready for the road again!

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- Written by Chris Alexander, aka AtlanticBlue99.