Ford Mustang Editorials - Page 4

96StangGT4 & 3.8Coastie Military Appreciation

MM Screen Name: 96StangGT4

Name & Rank: Kyle Boehm.. PV2 (long story)

Years/Months in the Service: 3 years, 3 months

MM: What made you want to join the military?

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War + Party = War-Party (Dirty Ol’ Man)

War Paty and Son

MM: Ok so there’s this site named how did you end up there?

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MM Gets Cyber Stallions Write-Up In MM&FF

Cyber Stallions at Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords MM&FF

A couple months ago we were contacted by Jeff Bauer of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords (MM&FF) for their Cyber Stallions column. Each month Jeff writes about an interesting Ford Mustang related website and for the February issue, he chose us.

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The Bullitt Is Back (Movie This Time)

Original Bullitt Movie Poster With Steve McQueenThe 1960’s classic “Bullitt” will be back, and this time we’re talking about the movie. Originally made famous by Steve McQueen’s famous chase scene (see video below), the Bullitt has already had a classic and New Edge version Mustangs modeled after it, and yet another Bullitt Mustang is in the works by Ford in honor of the flick’s upcoming 40th anniversary.

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We D.A.R.E. You To Try This Modded Mustang

Front Clip of A D.A.R.E. Ford MustangA few weeks back we received an email from Michael G. Adkins, a 1st Sgt. for the Caswell Co. Sheriff’s Office in Yanceyville, North Carolina. This isn’t the first D.A.R.E. car we’ve covered (remember the BUSTang?), but out of respect for authority (I wasn’t going that fast officer, honest!), and in hopes of scoring some brownie points with the local law enforcement, we’re gonna do another.

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