Ford Mustang Featured Rides - Page 5

Sonic Blue for Ms Thirty-Two

She saw you on the showroom floor
She walked around to your door
You let her in, then it began.

It was like a dream come true
For she used to dream of you
Your sweet & smooth sonic blue
Was made, for Ms. 32

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The All American Ride

September 11th 2001, marked one of the darkest periods in American history.  Our beloved country was attacked and we all witnessed events that we never thought we’d see in our lifetimes.  Thousands of lives were lost and many more from those who sacrificed themselves to save a complete stranger.  In remembrance of this tragic event, decided to dedicate the 2012 September ROTM to be a Memorial Scavenger Hunt.  The competition was tough as 15 cars stood in front of flags, memorial sites and national cemeteries in hopes to win the honor of being in the spotlight as a winner of ROTM.  One car came out victorious in what turned out to be a very close race.  Bryan from Charlotte, North Carolina, also known as FORDY9ER, with his 2002 Mineral Grey Mustang GT.

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Split Decision

In the mustang realm, great things come in pairs: washed & waxed, ported & polished and built & blown.  The populous of MM has spoken and in a momentous first, the August 2012 “Blackout” ROTM has yielded two victors.  Votes poured in and once the carnage subsided, the competition was deadlocked.  At the top of the heap of bloodied opponents and fallen dreams stood longstanding member RZNCAIN and second year member STRI8ED.  These two black mares are more than worthy of individual accolades but have agreed to share the crown as reigning ROTM winners.

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Unique in New York

What’s black and blue and screams raw power at every light? Moe’s 2012 5.0!  Joining the forums in June ’12, this Mustang quickly and rightfully earned its place as the August ROTM.  The story of Moe’s (AKA UDEAFBRO) 5.0 will make some true Mustang fans very jealous.  Moe placed an order for his ’12 5.0 as soon as they came out in December, but even before he got the car in May, he had already ordered a Roush axleback exhaust, front CS grille, CS splitter, car cover, Steeda CAI and a tuner.

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Smokin’ Aces

Terminator.  Triple black. Kenne Belle.  600 horses.  Now that your Ford built neurons are firing, excited by thoughts of one of the most potent productions in blue oval history, we must postpone our lusting to honor MM’s may 2012 ROTM victor, Aceswild02.  Ace’s meticulously detailed and painstakingly polished 2003 Cobra stands a clear cut above.  Subtle details, extreme cleanliness and an array of wheel and tire combos, assure this mustang of a cameo in any hardcore MMer’s fantasy.  So what do you do when you attain your dream car?… Make it better. 

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