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A.J. Foyt’s “Coyote Edition” Mustang

Front Clip Shot of The Coyote Edition Ford MustangIt seems like every month another limited edition Mustang tuner is found, this time it’s A.J. Foyt’s “Coyote Edition”. This car is being marketed by Heritage Customs out of Arlington Texas, and they’ve slated 500 to be built by special order.

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Maybellene GT690 GW Fastback Mustang

Maybellene GT690 GW Front ClipFew things are cooler than a Classic Mustang updated with new technology. While many car collectors prefer to restore their work with stock parts and go after an original look, some die hard car guys prefer the ‘restomod’ approach. Gene Winfield and Leonard Compton of Maybellene Autosports fit into the latter category.

Starting with (your choice) a 65 – 68 Mustang, modern technology and new design are crafted into this muscle car of yesterday. The Maybellene GT690, as they’ve dubbed it (originally known as the Anaconda Project), is comprised of state of the art 2006-2007 Ford Racing component technology wrapped around a classic body.

Virtually everything functional on this car has been updated to be modern and comfortable enough for a daily driver. From the custom high-back leather seats in the high tech interior to the coilover suspension… this is no trailer queen – rather a purpose built series aimed at enthusiasts of the Mustangs that started the craze.

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GeigerCars GT520 Mustang

GeigerCars GT520 Mustang Front ClipHow much excitement and sporty character can the current Ford Mustang really offer? GeigerCars tries to answer to this question by delivering a 520 horsepower Mustang dubbed the GT520.  Reaching a top speed of 178 mph – this European, err American, tuner car dashes from 0-62 mph in just 4.2 seconds. How’s that for an exhilarating ride?

More power through displacement and supercharging is the recipe behind the performance tuning of the GT520 4.6L 3v engine. Displacement was increased from 4.6 to 5.2 liters and the engine was extensively reworked. Precision-machining the cylinder heads, installing blower grind camshafts and reinforcing the valvetrain are part of their power treatment – as is a belt-driven supercharger with generously dimensioned intercooler. A fully stainless-steel high-performance sport exhaust system with high-performance manifold and metal catalysts round out the engine conversion.

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Roush 427R Mustang

Roush 427RBuilding off the already legendary 427 name, one already used for their high performance 427 cubic inch 351w stroker, Jack Roush and crew unveils their most powerful Ford Mustang to date. Based on the Roush Stage 3 Mustang, the 427R adds an additional 12 horsepower for a total of 427 ground pounding ponies (hence the name).

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2007 “Foose Stallion” Mustangs Available

2007 Foose Stallion Ford MustangChip Foose didn’t just put his name on the 2007 Foose Mustang, he put his heart and soul into it. He drew the concept sketches. Sculpted the clay. Helped design and spec every stitch in the custom interior and every pavement-ripping performance mod. The first production custom ponycar is named Foose Stallion which will be available in both coupes and convertibles.

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