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MM’s Father’s Day Salute: TheUnzippee!

Out of’s humble beginnings rose a member hailing from a strange and barren land to the north. It’s a mysterious territory that sits just atop the USA in which milk is packaged in bags, ham is called “bacon”, the official bird is a maple leaf, and health care is on the house. No one really knows how Canada came into existence but it has produced one of MM’s most cherished members: TheUnzippee!. A father is there to give you guidance, a father is there to let you know when you screw up, a father is there to keep the peace amongst the “family”. A father is there to educate, a father is there to entertain, a father is there to admonish the insertion of rocks into and exhaust pipe, a father is there to teach you about cats, politics, and philosophy, and a father is committed to the cause. Zip, for all of your years of dedicated service to MM and for the hours of entertainment you provide, the Tech Exchange Staff would like to salute you for your efforts this Father’s Day.
-The Tech Exchange Staff


Animal Magnetism

It all started out for Tanner B. (aka Shelbydog!) in 2005 when his true instincts told him to go ahead and purchase one hell of an animal, in this case, that animal was a 2004 Mustang GT. When he purchased the car, it barely had a chance to go out and stretch its legs, let alone gallop with the odometer reading a mere 5000 miles. This animal would soon evolve into a potent creature. Tanner was drawn to modding his car just as a predator is drawn to the scent of a fresh kill.

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A Phoenix Rises

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, March’s ROTM mustang is a sort of comeback kid; a return from an unfortunate past and a machine that means a lot more than meets the eye. White has long resembled a sense of purity and beauty, a symbol of both simplicity and elegance. White’s clean and pure nature is nothing new for the likes of this beautiful 5.0 stallion presented by our very own, Marc, winner of ModdedMustang’s March ROTM contest. Marc’s beautiful Stang truly does embody the symbolism which white withholds. His new ’14 is a clean beginning to his devotion to the mustang community as he starts all over again following the loss of a prior pony. Making 377 RWHP and 349 RWTQ stock and not to mention stealing a ROTM crown, means that this new little pony has a lot to live up to.

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Some folks have a “Weekend Warrior”. Usually these cars are only enjoyed on the occasional weekend or when the weather is nice. These regularly share their stable with what we would normally think of as daily drivers. Nothing special, just something easy on gas to get you from point A to point B. Other folks can’t resist the need for speed and strap themselves into a fire-breathing beast every time they get behind the wheel. This is just the case for our very own BlackWidowStang. His efforts not only have materialized into a stunning steed, but also a win for Ride of the Month for February 2014!

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The Wife’s Ride

Most people who build a sweet ride do it at a cost.  Often times, the spouse is left out.  Michael Schibline built himself a killer Mustang in his 2007 Shelby GT.  So awesome, in fact, it has been retired to The Showroom.  When he went to make it up to his wife Jessica, he did it in one of the most amazing ways possible.  His efforts not only kept things happy at home, they also earned him (and her) a win for Ride of the Month for November 2013 with her 2003 Mach 1.

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