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Roush Strikes First


The first aftermarket 2010 Mustang was revealed by Roush yesterday morning, beating Saleen and SMS to the public eye.  Roush claims to have already sold out the the first two months of production.

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One Man “Zu”


Better known as Omz or Spence or “My favy butt buddy”.  He is February’s Featured Member

MM: Your car,  what is it?

Omz: My car is a 1997 V6 mustang,  it has 157k miles on it and is a total PIECE!

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King Of Dids


Member:  Mickey
Car:  El Barricade

The Houston dwelling Saleen loving Mickey is January’s featured member!

MM:  The Barricade,  care to tell us how you acquired it?

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The Mountain (Dew) Man


The high altitude mountain dew drinking drag racing Matt is this months featured member enjoy!

Member: MustangMatt96GT

Car: Most likely a 96 GT

MM: So how did you end up at MM?

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Got Glass?


That’s right there’s a new hood for you S197 guys. Hillbank Motorsports is bringing a hood with a glass window to the mustang world. Much like the the new Corvette ZR-1′s window hood, this hood will feature a window to show off all of your engine goodies.

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