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Holy @#$% Someone Put AmericanMuscle on TV Also, Hell Freezes Over and Pigs Take to the Sky


Surely a sign of the looming apocalypse, recently went under the bright lights, and behind the scenes of a nationally broadcast TV show, SPEED TV’s hit game show Pass Time. Filmed on location at many of America’s favorite grass roots drag strips, Pass Time offers a chance for any would-be drag racer, whether first timer or experienced pro, Mustang or minivan, to make a run pass as two contestants attempt to predict 1/4-mile drag times to win cash. Simply put, “Guess the time, win the cash – it’s that easy,” according to show host Brett Wagner.

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A Big Thanks


There are plenty of mustang boards on the net now-a-days.  There are loads and loads of information all over these boards.  So why do members choose one over another?  What seperates Modded Mustangs from the rest of the mustang boards on the net today?  All you have to do is make one post to find out why.  The answer is our members.  I can honestly say that we have the best members on any forum on the internet today.  I can also honestly say that I am proud to be a member of such an outstanding community.

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Steve Saleen’s New Company to Honor Old Saleen Warranties

Steve Saleen's New Company to Honor Old Saleen Warranties

Steve Saleen to the rescue!

That’s right, Steve Saleen, the former owner of Mustang-tuner and manufacturer Saleen Inc. has announced that his new company SMS Supercars will honor the warranty on any Saleen product purchased before February 2nd, 2009. Now that’s standing behind your product!

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Roush Strikes First


The first aftermarket 2010 Mustang was revealed by Roush yesterday morning, beating Saleen and SMS to the public eye.  Roush claims to have already sold out the the first two months of production.

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One Man “Zu”


Better known as Omz or Spence or “My favy butt buddy”.  He is February’s Featured Member

MM: Your car,  what is it?

Omz: My car is a 1997 V6 mustang,  it has 157k miles on it and is a total PIECE!

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