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One Classy Mama


A hot mom, devoted wife and mustang lover, what more could you ask for in a featured member?

MamaStang is october’s featured member. Enjoy!

Member: MamaStang

Car: 2005 Mustang GT

MM: So how’d you find us?

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Acmillr Featured Member Interview

Acmillr Live and In Person

Car: N/A 2v Beast

(MM)How fast?:
(AC)Fast enough to scare the life out of most people..

(MM)What was you 1st car?:
(AC)1981 Chevrolet Scottsdale

(MM)When did you 1st start liking Stangs?:
(AC)In 1995 when my mama bought a yellow 94′ GT. At the time, I thought it was pretty fast.

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What A Classic!


Will all the hype of the new technology coming out its hard to really take time to appreciate a true form of art. But I guarantee you will be amazed. June’s ROTM went to MustangOne and it was for a reason. The car is a true beauty. You can obviously tell that this guy knows what he is doing when it comes to building cars.

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Simply Emayzing.


Nowadays it seems as though it is impossible to drive down the street and not see an S197 Mustang drive by, but seldom do you see one that is as clean or unique as Erin May’s pony, that he has appropriately dubbed “Elenor”. This 2007 Mustang GT started out as your run of the mill Mustang, but one Erin got a hold of it, it didn’t stay that way for long.

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Saleen And Racing Legend Dan Gurney Join Forces In ’08

2008 Dan Gurney Signature Edition Mustang

The New York Auto Show was the pedestal from which Saleen announced yet another project it has been working on. Racing legend Dan Gurney was the focus of the new signature edition Mustang - which will be released in late April - bearing a resemblance to his 1969 Trans Am series Mustang.

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