Meet the Staff

This week’s featured staff member for Modded Mustangs “Meet the Staff” article is ChrisJ! Meet ChrisJ, a fellow mustang enthusiast and admin of the forums here on MM.

Username: ChrisJ

Given name:

Place of residence: Hampton Roads, Virginia

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What the Fox?!?!

No, your screen is not in need of adjustment, a fox body has just won Ride of the Month! Proven as a formidable opponent, foxes have garnered their share of votes in previous ROTM battles, but have fallen short of ultimate victory. Narley Carley has just made history as the first fox to ever take home the title. In a close race against more technologically advanced incarnations of the steed, this white notch shows it’s still about the basics – power, performance, and Mustang pride.

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Remembering Travis

 On September 20, 2014 we will be celebrating the life of MM moderator and friend Travis Billings (aka Travis_afx). If you are new to the forum, you can catch up here: travis_afxThis will be the 3rd year for the memorial car show and we hope it will be as successful as the previous two. Like before, all profits from the show will be donated to the Youth Department at Bible Baptist Church in Enid, OK. A grand prize of a $500 Mac Tools gift card will be given away to a lucky entrant. Come out to Oakwood Mall 4125 W. Owen K. Garriott in Enid, OK and support a noble cause.

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A True Patriot

For some Mustang fans, becoming an owner is more than a dream, it’s a reality. There are some that don’t mind that the car has a few miles on it, but there are those, like our own Daniel S. (aka SunnyD) that come across opportunity with a new ride and grab hold. You see, the car you are looking at is not Daniel’s first Coyote powered ‘stang – that would have been a sterling grey 2011 model. When good incentives and a better credit score meant he could upgrade to the newly refreshed 2013 model, he jumped in. After a few tasteful changes, he also nabbed the July 2014 Ride of the Month.

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The Official Horsepower Numbers Are …

Many months ago, Ford revealed to the world on live TV the new 2015 Mustang. Hints had been dropped that there would be an Independent Rear Suspension, more technology, and more power than the outgoing S197 chassis. There were rumors that the new car would even outrun the beloved 2013 Boss 302 around a road course, thanks to both the IRS and new found power, but they have been very tight lipped about how much exactly. Then the other rumors started flying that the V6 and V8 models would also get an EcoBoost sibling, but only the powertrain engineers and God Himself knew the actual horsepower numbers – and neither one was talking…until now.

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