Shelby Strikes Again, Drop Top GT-H Rental

Ford Shelby GT-H Convertible Mustang ClipFord, Carrol Shelby, and Hertz have teamed up yet again – this time reworking the successful Rent-A-Racer GT-H as a convertible model. As before, these modified GT Mustang’s are available only for rental from Hertz at select airport locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Hawaii sometime later in the year with a production run of 500. The first one off the assembly line, as is the usual with Shelby automobiles, ran through Barrett-Jackson Auction in West Palm Beach, Fla – this time bringing in a cool $250k.  Of course proceeds of the sale benefit the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation.

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Retail Version of the Hertz GT-H Mustang to Be Produced

Hertz Mustang GT-HFord starting prepping for production a retail version of the Shelby made Hertz GT-H rental car. The news was revealed to Ford dealers at a dealer meeting in Las Vegas last week. This will be the third in a potentially a long line-up of special edition Mustangs inspired and produced under Carrol Shelby’s guidance.

The car will be a 2007 model and production will be at least a few thousand. No word if the Shelby GT will differ from the rental car in any way, either visually or mechanically. Special thanks to John Neff for emailing us about this, you can find the orginal article he wrote here.

We’re not to sure what to think of this. As we reported earlier, Shelby has expressed interest in getting more special model Mustangs into production, but to rip the Hertz model this is unexpected to say the least. Ford used to own Hertz, and the ball was rolling on the Hertz GT-H revival long before the deal was made (for 5.6 billion dollars by the way) to produce a Mustang for the rental fleet.

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Hertz Shelby GT-H Mustang Auctioned Off

Hertz Shelby GT-H Ford MustangOn the 4th anniversary of the GT350H program, Modded Mustangs covered the production and subsequent shipment of 500 Shelby Mustang GT-H (aka Rent-a-Racer) Mustangs being shipped to selected Hertz rental locations across the country.  We would like to inform you there was a mistake made. Only 499 of them were actually shipped.

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GT350-H Rental Details

2006 Ford Mustang GT350-H Hertz RentalGot $350 a day to spare? That’s the reported rental rate for the Shelby GT350-H rental car ccording to photographer Devin Comiskey. Peering through (and over) the fence at Shelby’s Las Vegas facility, Cominskey snapped up all the photographs and information he could get.

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Shelby Does Commercial for the Hertz Mustang GT-H

Carrol Shelby take the 2006 Ford Mustang GT-H (dubbed the “Rent-A-Racer”) for a spin in this adrenaline pumping commercial.

The special run of 500 performance-modified Ford Mustang GTs — designated GT-H for “Hertz” — will be produced by Shelby Automobiles and available at select Hertz locations to mark the 40th anniversary of the legendary program that offered car enthusiasts the unique opportunity to rent and drive a high-performance sports car.

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