Cannonball! The Ultimate Bad Boy Saleen

Saleen - Great American Cannonball RunThis summer, four hundred cars will begin a 2900 mile cross country race contest, originating from Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC and New York. Inspired by Erwin G. “Cannonball” Baker, who set 143 American distance records, including a 53½ hour coast to coast solo drive averaging over 50 mph in 1933, and brought back to life by Tim “Maverick” Porter in 2001 – drivers will attempt to average a speed of 61 mph over the entire route (obtainable without going over the speed limit).

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Maaco “Medusa” Mustang

Maaco Medusa MustangWhen most people think of Maaco, a few words come to mind… accident, insurance, two-hundred dollar paint jobs, etc. Tony Martino, Maaco’s founder and CEO, wants to change that – and he’s off to a good start with their Medusa Mustang.

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Saleen’s 10th Annual Open House

S281 Saleen MustangFord tuner/supercar builder Saleen shut down a few Orange County streets and opened the doors to its headquarters for its 10th annual open house/car show.

Saleen (the company) let the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club (SOEC) take over its manufacturing headquarters so that everyone could celebrate all things Saleen (the car). Though this car show was technically open to any and all cars, this event was pretty much dominated by all things Ford-powered and Saleen-tuned.

Though a few S7s and Saleen-tuned F150s were on hand, the car of the day was the Saleen Mustang. All generations of Saleen-tuned ‘Stangs were on hand, which is great for the Saleen Mustang fan, not-so-great for those looking for a bit of variety. Don’t get us wrong, we love Saleen Mustangs as much as the next certified gear-head. It just seems as if most of these cars are picked up by the type of guy that spends one too many hours watching the Barrett-Jackson auctions on TV and not-so-secretly hopes that his Saleen Mustang will be the next million-dollar car. Most of these Saleen Mustangs look as if they rarely come out of the garage, let alone see any sort of track time. Whatever happened to buying a race-ready car and taking it racing?

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Saleen Opens Retail Store

The Saleen StoreSteve Saleen, world renowned for his modded Mustangs (over 8,000 of them at press time) and other mass produced vehicles, has opened the doors to the companies first retail outlet – The Saleen Store. The store sells an array of Saleen-branded stuff, as well as technical displays on the company’s 750-hp S7 supercar and their supercharged Saleen Mustang, and S7 racing simulators.

If that’s not enough, The Saleen Store has a Saleen N2O Bar.  For people, menu items range from ice cream, water, soda, Red Bull and oxygen.  For their cars, nitrous oxide and hydrogen are available.  The store is sure to encompass a full-range, high-octane ambience for everyone.

According to their website, Saleen has created a unique shopping experience that will undoubtedly set a new standard in the automotive and the retail industry. The Saleen Store is so different that it has created a buzz, and that buzz has traveled almost as fast as the world’s fastest production car, the Saleen S7.

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