101fng & XTCNAGT Military Appreciation

MM Screen Name:  101fng

Name & Rank:  Andrew, SGT

Years/Months in the Service:  3 yrs 8 mo

MM:  What made you want to join the military?

101fng:  I always knew I would join the army, even in grade school I knew this.  Almost my entire family was in the army at some point.  My father joined when he was 18.  My mother joined soon after as a commissioned officer.  My brother joined when he turned 18 and served with the 82nd ABN DIV up until a few months after 9/11.  My mother always told me crazy awesome stories about my grandfather and his time as a special forces company commander in Vietnam.  I remember my grandfather being extrememly strong and agile even into his 70s and I always attributed it to his army service.  But I started seriously considering the army after my dad became a recruiter.  I would go to the recruiting office to bum money off him and while I was waiting for him I’d pick up the pamphlets and read.  I fought with my mother for a while when I turned 17.  I wanted her to sign the waiver to let me in at 17 but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it (“not with Bush in office” is what she always said lol).  Well, once I turned 18, me and my dad got started on my paperwork.  By January 06, I was in the delayed entry program and by July 06 I was in Fort Benning, Georgia learning to be a soldier.

MM:  What do you like most about it?

101fng:  The oppurtunities.  I’m about to begin language training in Persian Farsi Dari and I could’ve never gotten it without the army.

MM:  Biggest dislike?

101fng:  Being away from the people I love (but it’s always worth the wait in the end).

MM:  Best Memory?

101fng:  Lol, its a tie with having thanksgiving dinner with an afghan and seeing my family again.

MM:  Out of these three who is your favorite military actor: Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone or Mel Gibson?

101fng:  I’d say Mel Gibson.  He’s just realistic enough to be believable. “We were soldiers” was a pretty good example of how the army trains in preparation for war and Mel Gibson was spot-on in his role as a battalion commander.

MM:  Can tell us about one person in the service who has affected your life most?

101fng:  My dad.  Even when he was signing the papers sending me off, he never once stopped being concerned for my welfare.  He made sure I chose an MOS which he felt was safe (little did he know…).

MM Screen Name:  XTCNAGT

Name & Rank:  Ryan Monroe, Staff Sergeant (SSgt)

Years/Months in the Service:  6 Years

MM:  What made you want to join the military?

XTCNAGT:  Many reasons.  Felt it would give me a lot of opportunities later in life, have always been completely fascinated with fighter aircraft and knew I wanted to do something associated with them and it’s also been in my family for generations.

MM:  What do you like most about it?

XTCNAGT:  It’s probably a 3-way tie between the pride I felt dedicating myself to a country I love, the friends that I made during my time, and being able to work on fighter planes everyday and get paid for it.

MM:  Biggest dislike?

XTCNAGT:  There was a lot of politics to play.  I would rather my work speak for me rather than buddying up to the right people.  If you’re good at your job, you get screwed over a lot with late nights, working weekends and being called in early when someone else can’t troubleshoot a particular problem.

MM:  Best Memory?

XTCNAGT:  Man, there are WAY too many.  I spent 2 years in Europe being paid to travel around to different countries. There’s absolutely no way to narrow down all my experiences to one “best memory”.

MM:  Can tell us about one person in the service who has affected your life most?

XTCNAGT:  I would have to say it would be my Uncle.  He did the same job I ended up doing and gave me a lot of insight into the career.  He helped me a lot when I changed bases, and was always able to give me assistance when I needed it.