2008 Brings A New Boss To The Streets

2008 Boss Shinoda

Mustang enthusiasts nationwide will have something else to look forward to in 2008 as Team Shinoda recently unveiled their plans for a new Boss Mustang. With a variety of packages being offered, the Boss will be sure to have something for any mustang lover regardless of their budget.

The 2008 Boss Shinoda Legacy package has been geared towards those who worry about breaking the bank or those who would like to do their own modifications as their budget and time allow. It comes with the Shinoda Spoiler, Graphics pack (Vibe or Hockey Stick style), engine cover, floormats, and pedal covers. The Legacy package can be added to a V6 or GT (coupe or convertible) platforms – the convertible also coming equipped with a light bar.

2008 Boss Shinoda Interior

The Level I Boss Shinoda adds a bit power to the elegance. Producing nearly 350 hp and upgrading the suspension, the Level I could easily be a daily driver, or something to break out over the weekend for those days where all you want to do is drive.

Ford racing gets involved for the Level II-S, Level II-FR and Level II-T packages. Powered by the Vortech Supercharger, the Level II-S and II-FR will bring a smile to anyone’s face as they see competition shrinking in their rear-view, while the Level II-T does the same while substituting the Supercharger with a Turbocharger. With the addition of the BCS Level II suspension (on the Level II-S and II-T) and the Ford Racing Handling Pack and BCS Control arms and Panhard bar on the Level II-FR, It’s still a very practical car around town.

2008 Boss Shinoda Engine Cover

Team Shinoda and Ford Racing pulled out all the stops when they designed the Level III. They wanted something to stand above the rest, and successfully created the most powerful production mustang available. The Level III Boss Shinoda has been upgraded further to the BCS Level Three Suspension to keep you in control of the asphalt-melting 750 hp it produces. The Level III was designed for those who have the desire – and means – to attain the right to say “What Z06?”.

It would be almost impossible for Team Shinoda to bring this line of specialty Mustangs back without the addition of the ever-popular Boss 429. It arrives on the scene with a naturally aspirated 429 hp 3-valve aluminum engine, and the BCS Level Three Suspension pack. This beloved masterpiece returns displaying no graphics or decals, and relies not on the flash of cosmetic extras to turn heads, but solely on it’s unadulterated power.

There’s 2 ways to go about ordering your own 2008 Boss Shinoda. You can go through authorized dealers (there’s a list of them here) or you can arrange your order through Team Shinoda who will have your custom order built and sent to a dealership near you. You can discuss the new BOSS inĀ our forum.