2009 Modded Mustangs Ride of the Year

*Drum roll please*

…and the winner is…


AzSonicSnake, or Tony, was recently elected as ModdedMustangs.com’s 2009 Ride of the Year.  This competition involved nine previous winners from different months.  After a nail biting finish, Tony came out on top once again.

His beautiful 2003 SVT Cobra has not only won our Ride of the Year competition, but has also won in its class at a National Mustang Club of America show.  This Cobra is one stunning ride and definitely worthy of both awards.  His Cobra has also been in numerous magazines all over the world including Auto Tuning Siat which is a Polish based auto magazine.  He also holds plenty of bracket racing wins and says that “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

This Snake has been built to handle anything Tony can throw at it.  His plan of attack?  Build from the ground up.  Tony made it imperative that he build his suspension to handle the torque of his ported Eaton supercharger.  With a completely built solid rear axle swap and a PSR K-member, accompanied by all supporting mods, this Cobra is able to pass the 1320 with consistent trap speeds of over 127 mph.  Tony has made it clear that the car has a 10 second pass in it, but he normally gets booted from the track after making only one pass.  He has declined getting a roll cage because of the weekend warrior and show car status, but says he may just change his mind some day.

Tony would also like to give credit where credit is due.  Thanks to the guys at Performance Solution Racing in Pheonix, AZ, Tony has been able to see this Snake’s full potential and he says he could not thank them enough for their above and beyond work.

The staff of ModdedMustangs.com would also like to honorably mention 69fastback who was neck and neck with AzSonicSnake throughout the competition.  69fastback lost by only six votes, but still has one very gorgeous car.

No, this car was not in your calendar.

Written by zinc02gt.