2010 Mustang Convertible review

On April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was unveiled to the public, and it instantly became an iconic American automobile and launched the era of the Pony Car. All the hype and hoopla wasn’t lost on an 11 year old kid in Chicago, who, with a bunch of his friends, rode their bicycles to the nearest Ford dealership to see one in person.

With its long hood, and short deck, the Mustang captivated me, and no matter that it wasn’t overly powerful, (hell, I wasn’t old enough to drive anyway), it was just really cool. And it didn’t hurt that the car was featured in the new James Bond film, Goldfinger, where Tilly Masterson drove a white convertible at breakneck speed down a mountain trying to pass the famous Aston Martin DB6 of James Bond, (Sean Connery – still the best Bond ever), who used his retractable axel knock-off hub to shred her tires and take her off the road.

The following year, in Thunderball, the beautiful evil temptress from Spectre, gave Bond a white-knuckle ride on a dark dirt road in Nassau in her baby blue Mustang. That cemented the Mustang in my mind as one hot car that could attract hot chicks. I might not have known what to do with a hot chick at age 11, but I knew it would be good to have as many as possible.

Forty-five years later, almost to the day of the original launch, I found myself driving a 2010 Mustang V6 Convertible (minus the hot chick) on the rural two lane roads surrounding the Road America Race Track, and on some of the very same Wisconsin roads where they used to run the actual races beginning in 1953, which just so happens to be the year of my birth.

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