5 Point Oh, Oh My! 2011 Ride of the Year

It comes without ribbons,
It comes without tags,
It comes without packages, boxes or bags!
No, not Christmas; for the mustang owner (or former mustang owner) this is even better than Christmas.  Yes, I’m talking about moddedmustangs.com’s Ride Of The Year.  I’d like you all to join me in congratulating Digital_Synapse not only for his Ride Of The Month win in November, but also his clean sweep of a stellar group of mustangs in contention for ModdedMustangs.com’s ROTY, 2011.

As a mustang owner, recognition can be bestowed through (among other things) destroying Chevys, acquiring attractive females or even a featured picture on the official Ford Mustang Facebook page like this car was.  Just a nomination or votes for ROTM can be an exhilarating process, yet all pales in comparison to moddedmustangs.com’s Ride of the Year award.

Not many people receive the amount of attention given to Digital_Synapse and his Mustang. This 2011 5.0 was first nominated for ROTM in October 2010, a mere month after joining the site! I will attribute some of the attention given to this car to the attention given by its owner through exceptional photography and also tasteful visual mods.  Named “Galadriel”, this car has since been sold in April of 2012. Digital_Synapse gave his reasoning for selling the car as such: “Going to be traveling a lot this year. So much so I won’t be home most of the time. Figured I’d let her go since she wouldn’t get much use anyway.  Next summer, may pick up something fun like a ’13 GT500, ’12 Z06, ’12 Evoque, ’13 Atom, ’10 Cayman, or something along those lines to pick up where I left off.  Either way, it’s going to be very fun.  Really leaning for the GT500, but until all is said and done, who knows.”  While we are always sad to see a car and its owner part ways, perhaps another award winning mustang is in the future.

Far from a hardparked show car, Digital_Synapse put over 20,000 miles on his 2011 Mustang GT, which came with 3.73’s and the Brembo Track Pack from the factory.  As if that wasn’t enough, the car was modified to put out 435rwhp/370rwtq thanks in part to a 93 Race Tune (with Ghost Cams) by Jon Lund.  If you want your car to look and perform exactly like this one, get your wallet out. Mods include: A Magnaflow Hi-Flow Catted X-Pipe, Corsa Ultimate Touring axle backs, Eibach Sportlines, Koni Sport dampers, FRPP strut mounts and a Fays2 Watts Link. Further mods include, Forgestar F14’s in Piano Black 20″x9″ front 20″x11″ rear with Michelin Pilot Sport 2 255/35/20″s and 305/35/20″s respectively. An Xpel clear bra, bikini cut with Xpel smoked headlight protection film, Saleen grill, Coyote 5.0L Badge, GT/CS front valance with hid foglights. Boss (non LS) front splitter, Roush side splitters, GT500 rear diffuser, GT500 splash guards and lastly a GT500 SVTPP rear spoiler.  Once again join me in congratulating Digital_Synapse on his beautiful Ride of The Year: