A Historic Look At Fords Greatest Supercar The GT90


Remember playing with your little hotwheel as a kid? Remember those supercars that you played with and could not wait to see in real life. Well this car is one of them. Ford GT90, Ring any bells? To me this is the baddest car ever built. And I’m almost sure that you feel the same way.

Under the hood of this super car rests the baddest engine Ford has ever conceived. It’s a 5.9L V12 4V quad turbo engine producing 720hp and 660 ft-lbs of torque. (That is a 122 hp per Liter!) This thing puts out so much power that the exhaust is claimed to get hot enough to melt the body panels. So it requires ceramic tiles similar to those found in space shuttles to prevent this from happening. Needless to say, this is one hot ride.

This engine ran through the ceramic exhaust could push its 3200lb honeycomb-section aluminum chassis and carbon fiber body to 60 mph in an est. 3.1 sec via the 5 Speed transmission and 19 inch 355/30 rear tires 100 mph could also be reached in 6.1 secs. And those high speeds were tamed (Sort of) by the spoiler that popped up at high speeds. 1/4 mile times were never released and estimates vary from 10.9-11.5 top speed also remains a mystery but estimates vary from 238-250+ rumors that 100 of these would be produced and sold never came true and it remains locked up in the Ford vault now.


This car also paved the way for much of the future design that would be employed in cars like the Mustang and the Ford GT.

If you would like to drive it you can, well not really. It is one of the cars that can be used in the game Need for Speed II, Gran Turismo 2, Sega GT 2002, Ford Racing 2, Ford Racing 3, Ford Street Racing, Project Gotham Racing 3, Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA, TOCA Race Driver 2, and Ford vs. Chevy.