A Phoenix Rises

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, March’s ROTM mustang is a sort of comeback kid; a return from an unfortunate past and a machine that means a lot more than meets the eye. White has long resembled a sense of purity and beauty, a symbol of both simplicity and elegance. White’s clean and pure nature is nothing new for the likes of this beautiful 5.0 stallion presented by our very own, Marc, winner of ModdedMustang’s March ROTM contest. Marc’s beautiful Stang truly does embody the symbolism which white withholds. His new ’14 is a clean beginning to his devotion to the mustang community as he starts all over again following the loss of a prior pony. Making 377 RWHP and 349 RWTQ stock and not to mention stealing a ROTM crown, means that this new little pony has a lot to live up to.

Marc obtained his new Oxford White 2014 from the dealer he works with on January 2nd, 2014 following the unfortunate demise of his 2012 mustang which was sadly totaled. After the loss, Marc wanted to make his new stallion different, striving to make a project car that was as pure and clean as the color; a build with no regrets. It is for these reasons that Marc has personally called it “Project Clean Slate”. His 2014 white stallion is a premium trim Stang with factory navigation and 19” wheel options from Ford. Before even signing the paperwork for his new mare, Marc had already installed a shift knob and boot out of the beloved Boss 302 as well as window tint and LED light replacements. He even added MMR hood struts and deleted the sound tube almost immediately. He then modified the rear of the car with an EmblemPros 5.0 gas cap.

Marc kept relatively conservative with his modding until about 2,000 miles. After the break in period was over he dove right into the mods that he had planned from the start. He began with the shoes first, replacing the stock wheels and tires with a set of Avant Garde M510s, size 19×9.5 all around, wrapped in Mickey Thompson Street Comp tires in size 285-35-19s to ensure the mustang puts the power to the ground early on. The shifter had to go too as Marc replaced the original with a MGW short shifter to accompany the new boss 302 knob. The suspension was next on the list as Marc changed out the stock components with Koni yellow shocks, BMR springs, LCAs, relocation brackets, adjustable UCA and mount, adjustable PHB and brace, as well as adjustable front and fixed rear sway bars. To top it all off, Marc welded the axle tubes, removed and painted the axle, and swapped the sluggish stock gears for a set of 3.73s. That’s not all though as Marc went a little deeper with the addition of GT500 carbon fiber diff clutches and a Boss 302 finned differential cover.

Marc has more plans for his “Project Clean Slate”, but reports the ‘what’ portion of his plans to be currently classified for the time being. This means that us fellow members will just have to keep an eye open for his white mare as the mod bug will inevitably continue to impose its will. Until then, we’ll have to wait patiently as Marc’s white beauty sits as moddedmustangs.com’s March ‘Ride of the Month’ winner as is.


Article written by:  Shift