A True Patriot

For some Mustang fans, becoming an owner is more than a dream, it’s a reality. There are some that don’t mind that the car has a few miles on it, but there are those, like our own Daniel S. (aka SunnyD) that come across opportunity with a new ride and grab hold. You see, the car you are looking at is not Daniel’s first Coyote powered ‘stang – that would have been a sterling grey 2011 model. When good incentives and a better credit score meant he could upgrade to the newly refreshed 2013 model, he jumped in. After a few tasteful changes, he also nabbed the July 2014 Ride of the Month.

Having already owned a Coyote meant he had a few parts that could go straight to the new one. The Airraid CAI and Heartthrob muffler deletes were swapped over and a Bama tune uploaded. He had plans to hit the road course eventually and began devising a setup that would work well with that plan. But first, he wanted to test the power of his new steed and when Daniel went to the first annual KC2K13, it spun the rollers to 393 RWHP and 366 RWTQ at the wheels. Backing up the claims to this power was a trip to Tulsa Raceway where the car made a best pass of 12.0 @116.

When the time came for the suspension setup, Daniel started off with the most important part-the wheels and tires. A set of Forgestar CF5’s in the not too little not too big 19″ size fit the bill, wrapped in Mickey Thompson Street Comps. Bringing all of this under control is a set of Ground Control coil overs, BMR adjustable UCA and mount, boxed LCA with relocation brackets and the adjustable PHB rounded out a track worthy setup. An MGW shifter keeps the MT82 happy and Amsoil lubes the engine, trans, and rear.

As with most Mustang modifyers, Daniel is not done. The tune has been changed in favor of a Hypermotive calibration. He also has plans for huge brakes, some track specific wheels and tires, but most importantly – seat time at the track.
article written by: Marc