About Us

Founded by Joe Hayes on April 11th, 2005, Modded Mustangs has grown to provide a comprehensive collection of tech articles and resources for the everyday enthusiast. With a fast growing message board with knowledgeable members and staff, we pride ourselves in maintaining a positive and helpful atmosphere for Mustang owners to share their experiences in getting the most out of Ford’s ponycar.

Since it started, Modded Mustangs has been through six redesigns and countless numbers of tweaks. We are always striving to be offer Mustang enthusiasts a unique atmosphere with cutting edge tech tips and a streamlined interface.

I suppose there should probably be more stuff about us here, but I’m just not much of a talker when it comes to stuff like this. Surf the site a bit and you’ll get a feel for what we’re about. Look foward to seeing you in the forums.

Oh yea, one thing that’s pretty important. Modded Mustangs is not affiliated with or endorsed by Ford Motor Company, we are just enthusiasts of a vehicle they produce.