Acmillr Featured Member Interview

Acmillr Live and In Person

Car: N/A 2v Beast

(MM)How fast?:
(AC)Fast enough to scare the life out of most people..

(MM)What was you 1st car?:
(AC)1981 Chevrolet Scottsdale

(MM)When did you 1st start liking Stangs?:
(AC)In 1995 when my mama bought a yellow 94′ GT. At the time, I thought it was pretty fast.

(MM)When did you get Your 1st Stang?:

(MM)What made You choose the GT?:
(AC)Basically, I didn’t know any better at the time.

(MM)Obviously you race alot What was your best race?:
(AC)I raced a 2000 Z28 that was gutted with a few bolt ons and a 175 shot. Every shift was door to door. We ran two times and both times, I put maybe a front bumper on him.

(MM)What was You biggest win?:
(AC)When I first finished my current 2V nobody really knew anything about the car. The first time I took it out in a good crowd, there was a black pullied, exhaust, live axle, 04 Cobra that wanted to run. I put acres on him.

(MM)And Your worse loss?:
(AC)I raced a 1981 big block/nitrous Malibu one night and he put about 2000 lengths on me…

(MM)How do you feel about “Ricers”?:
(AC)My theory is that you have to have a few idiots running around or we wouldn’t have anything to laugh about.
Beauty and Beast

(MM)Modded Mustangs How’d you find it?:
(AC)I really don’t remember. It seems like I was looking for some info one day and ran across it.

(MM)How do you feel about zippee’s Homoisms?:
(AC)Let’s just say that wood happens….

(MM)In 2 years Who will have the faster car..You or eli (04gttampa)?:
(AC)Definitely me. Even if he gets something faster, I will just build bigger/better. Plus, I do most of his work, so I always know what’s going on.
Seriously, we go back and fourth on who has the fastest ride.
Eli 04gttampa Rice Eater/ Part cleaner

(MM)Who’s The Best Tech wiz here…(Besides You)?:
AC)Technically, I would say that Boomer is on top of the cylinder head info.
ChrisJ strikes me as having the best all around common sense knowledge of Mustangs. Drgn definitely has moments where he shines too. This is a very hard question. I could go on and on about the amount of knowledge on this forum and who possesses it..

(MM)If you could Change one thing on your car what would it be?:
(AC)I would change the engine (again).

(MM)What is Your dream car?:
(AC)1966 Corvette, Aquamarine Blue, White interior, M-22 Tranny, L-88 powerplant, side pipes, knock-off wheels, and it has to be a coupe.
The Family

(MM)Anything else You wanna add?
(AC)You might include that I am a father of two wonderful little girls (age 2 & 4), and I have a stunning wife who has always supported and participated in my automotive addiction