All Shook Up

For some, having a Mustang can change with the appearance of Johnny Law. In the case of Daniel Shook, aka Shook1db, his first Mustang relationship ended badly. His current run in with the 5-0 earned him a title only twelve members each year get- Ride Of The Month – an honor he received for April, 2013.

It all started when Daniel was driving to physical therapy in his ’95 Mustang GT. Either in a hurry or just letting that 5.0 engine work, he was stopped for doing more than the 55 mph speed limit. So much so, that the choice of keeping that car after only owning it for two months was not an option. Daniel would leave it up to a modified Jetta to carry him through the next 8 1/2 years. A Sport bike would enter the mix after college and marriage, but neither was a Mustang.

Dan didn’t want just any Mustang. He wanted a special edition car, something that was a head turner on it’s own merit. So after talking things over with his wife, the Jetta and the R6 both found new owners. The search for his dream car from college began- Daniel wanted a Mach 1. The first choice was a stunner, but the owner got butterflies at the thought of selling. His second choice was a 2004 Screaming Yellow Mach 1, but the online pictures really didn’t do it any justice. The price was hammered out and he went to go pick it up.

Let’s just say Daniel should have brought a sling to keep his jaw in place. When he laid eyes on it in person, the car was perfect. It began life in Florida, but the second owner he purchased it from had kept it in an insulated garage in Wisconsin. The odometer showed 55,000 miles, but it may have well been 55. Other than the Flowmaster 44s and some wheels, it was just like Henry built. “Nala” as Daniel calls her, now gets to enjoy nice weather drives in the non winter months and is pampered in storage when the weather turns sour in Midland, Michigan.

Since there was some cash left over after the car’s purchase, Daniel set off to do some quick personalization. A set of H&R Race springs got rid of the off-road look, surrounded by Tokico d-speck shocks and struts kept them in control. Steeda aluminum lower control arms, larger sway bars, Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates, and poly steering rack bushings round out a suspension system that gives Daniel’s Mach 1 some attitude.

Early power mods included Pacesetter long tube headers, off road x pipe, and a solid tune from the Bama guys made it sound as good as it looked. An SR short throw shifter made the gear changes snappier, 4.10 gears and upgraded Carbon Lock clutch packs keep the 8.8 spinning both wheels equally. Hawk HPS pads front and rear brings the party to a stop in a hurry. Maximum Motorsports also provided the full length subframe connectors which help in keeping things solid.

Cosmetically, things were kept simple with a shorty antenna and vinyl added to the lower valance and rear decklid adding some contrasting black to the bright yellow. Daniel drove the car in this state for about a year and all was good.

Then the lust for more power hit. He felt there was only one thing to help him out at this point- boost. He found a steal on a low mileage Kenne Bell 1.7l kit. That, along with a Lightning 90mm MAF, 39 lb injectors, and a 160 degree thermostat were added. Daniel and his dad did the wrenching but needed help with the tune. Walsh Motorsports strapped it to their dyno and made some ECU changes. The result- 433 RWHP and 390 ft/lbs of torque at a very street friendly 7 psi of boost. Future plans for his car include a fully built bottom end and more boost.

But not all things on Dan’s car are bought. One of the things that gets a lot of workouts is the shift knob. He looked high and low but never found quite what he was looking for-so he designed his own. Made of weighted steel, it truly is a handsome piece.

With a lowered suspension, you would think Daniel has never been to the drag strip with his car, since a setup like that is more at home on the road coarse. Not so. With a set of M/T ET street bias plies he got from a paint correction job that he mounted on some Jeg’s Sport Star IIs and the cost for admission to the track, he got hooked. The strip setup is now a set of 15x4s with ET fronts and 15x8s wrapped in 10.5 ET streets. It now runs a mid-11 second quarter mile.

Being a part of the Always Clean Crew comes as no surprise since Daniel has hopes of starting his own detailing business soon. With all of the details that him and his father have put into this car that’s really not a shock.

Article Written By: Marc