AndrewA & Drick Military Appreciation

MM Screen Name:  Andrewa

Name & Rank:  Andrew Ahel SSGT E-5

Years/Months in the Service:  7+yrs

MM:  What made you want to join the military?

Andrewa:  There are a couple reasons, 1.  I wanted to fly and being a commercial pilot just seemed boring to me.  I wanted to do something bigger and better.  2nd money for school.  3rd Well I wanted to be part of the military.  I dont buy into the BS but being in highchool when I enlisted I was proud do to something that not everybody elese was doing.

MM:  What do you like most about it?

Andrewa:  I get to go places, meet people and do things that not everybody can.  You work with professionalls and see some cool shit.

MM:  Biggest dislike?

Andrewa:  There are alot of complainers.  There are alot of liars that make up shit and the hurry up and wait SUCKS.

MM Screen Name:  Drick

Name & Rank:  ADAN E3

Years/Months in the Service:  1 year

MM:  What made you want to join the military?

Drick:  Wanted to serve my country and see places of the world I’d never get to see if I didnt join.

MM:  What do you like most about it?

Drick:  The bonds you make with people and the greastest friends ever

MM:  Biggest dislike?

Drick:  being away from loved ones all the time.

MM:  Best Memory?

Drick:  I dont know.  To many crazy times to just pick one.

MM:  Can you tell us about one person in the service who has affected your life most?

Drick:  I had a Chief at my first squadron that would do anything for me and I mean anything.  He had to bail me outta jail one time.  Well he didn’t have to but he did.  And he never held it against me.  Good guy to talk to also.  He probably doesnt know how much I respect him for everything he did for me and but the least I could do was shake his hand and thank him upon checking out of the squadron.