Animal Magnetism

It all started out for Tanner B. (aka Shelbydog!) in 2005 when his true instincts told him to go ahead and purchase one hell of an animal, in this case, that animal was a 2004 Mustang GT. When he purchased the car, it barely had a chance to go out and stretch its legs, let alone gallop with the odometer reading a mere 5000 miles. This animal would soon evolve into a potent creature. Tanner was drawn to modding his car just as a predator is drawn to the scent of a fresh kill.

He added many mods over the years, but the most important was the ProCharger P1SC. This truly awoke his beast from a deep, dark hibernative state. To compliment the innards of the creature, a Treadstone TRV250 intercooler was added to make sure everything was kept cool and collected so the focus could be all set on the hunt. A set of Flowmaster 40s paired up with a Mac O/R H-pipe gave the car a deep roar that would let everyone know who is approaching. To support the power, 60# injectors and an SVT Focus pump were also added to supply the veins of the car giving it adequate fuel to complete any task at hand no matter how fierce. This specimen will never starve because of it, producing a beastly 382rwhp/384rwtq through a 4r70w.


With all great power, there must be great means to put that power to the earth. Tanner did just that, by adding Eibach springs, FRPP Bullitt/Mach suspension pack, MM subframe connectors, strut tower brace, and a Donathan tubular front bumper. Many people ask how can something so powerful, handle so well? – “Survival of the fittest.” Now, a creature so menacing has to definitely look the part. There is no lack of that with this car which displays  a 1995 Cervinis Cobra R Hood, Raxiom tinted tails, tinted side markers, matte black spoiler, Mach 1 grille delete, painted matte black rear valance, and  stainless dual walled exhaust tips. This combo makes for one mean specimen. The “coat” of the car, as you can say, is complimented by Bullitt rims that measure 17×9 in the front and 17×10.5 in the rear with Nitto 555s that measure an astounding 315mm.

For Tanner, this car means something more to him than the traditional owner. His friends have bought, sold, and traded many Mustangs over the years and always ask him why he doesn’t sell his for something newer. This was his first Mustang and he simply can’t part with it. He has done every piece of work to it besides a few things here and there.  He has had it for 10 years and loving every second of it. It seems like this old beast is a one man wolfpack, but this wolfpack is here to stay.

Fall 2013 is when this creature finally got to stretch its legs and prove it’s a worthy hunter. Tanner took it to the track for the first time and was going to be happy walking away if he made it into the 12s. He did that and more, posting a best time of [email protected] with his automatic beast. With a little more seat time and practice, an 11 second time slip is reachable. Soon this animal will become a great hunter down the 1/4th.  Shelbydog! and his wife brought a baby girl into the world about 5 months  ago. The car has taken a back seat in the lives of Tanner and his wife, Stefani. He would really love to drive it more and mod it more, but it is not a priority with the new addition to the family. Instead, the beast lays wait in its den patiently waiting, slumbering, and stalking….

Shelbydog! won the “Dat Booty ROTM” for April 2014. This was thanks to the animal that is his car and its beautiful rear end. The voting was a bit of a landslide, as if the car viciously took out all its competition for that month with a bite to the jugular or as if they were in some sort of feral spell. For the month of April 2014, Tanner was top dog.


article written by:  BLACKWIDOWSTANG