April 2011 ROTM Winner 69Fastback

It is just about everybody’s desire to have a street legal race car.  A car that breathes fire and tears it up at the track, yet is beautiful to look at and has nice street manners.  Folks, there just aren’t many cars on the street more pleasing to look at than a ‘69 Mach-1.

1969 being the first production year of the Mach-1, they are some of the most sought after classic Mustangs.  When a classic car is mentioned nowadays, some people tend to think of heavy and slow gas guzzlers that take months getting up to speed.  In the case of Craig’s ’69 Fast Back… this is no issue at all. The “old and slow” stereotype comes to an abrupt halt with the twist of a key that brings the Cammed 408c.i.d. Windsor to life.

Craig has worked the F4TE 351 Windsor block from top to bottom.  Forged I-Beam connecting rods, Probe Industries forged pistons, Melling oil pump and 7qt Moroso oil pan, ATI SFI Balancer, custom ground camshaft and ARP fasteners holding everything together.  To help fill all of those cubic inches with air, the ‘69 Mach-1 has been fitted with custom ported Twisted Wedge heads and ported Victor Jr intake manifold flowed by Lynn Morris.

To get those ponies on the ground and turn all that power into forward motion, this ’69 is equipped with a PA Supercomp C-4 transmission with Trans-Brake and Neal Chance torque converter with 4800 RPM Stall.  Out back sits a Ford 9” axle with 3.73 gears and a good ol’ Detroit Locker.  To keep the occupants safe and stiffen up things a bit, an 8 point chromoly cage and custom subframe connectors are in place.  Disc brakes in the front help the beast come to a halt at the end of the day.

The color on this Mach-1 is sometimes mistaken for that of OEM Ford factory specified blue.  However; the Viper Blue looks glorious with the OE Flat Black Hood and Chin Spoiler.  Every inch of undercarriage on this ‘69 Mach-1 has been beautifully restored and all new Original Equipment chrome parts have been refitted.  When 69FastBack is in the mood to tear up the track, Weld Prostars and 28X10.5 ET Drags are in order.  For the cruise nights… a set of Magnum 500 wheels are fitted to complete the look.

How does this gorgeous machine perform, you ask? Mach-1 has only been dyno’d once and with the previous Toploader 4 speed transmission.  Unfortunately, it was having ignition problems and plagued with fouling plugs. The 408W was still able to shed out 435whp and 429lb/ft of torque on 91 Octane pump gas.  These numbers translate to a 10.71 quarter mile at 122mph.  Hopefully Craig is planning to get more out of his engine and will hopefully keep us posted.

Craig has brought a true American Icon from the past to the present.  It is an honor to have such a gorgeous Modded Muscle Mustang in our forum.  and overload all of your senses.   These are the reasons that make 69FastBack our April 2011 Ride of The Month.

Article written by: king_Ahmet