Best of the Stock, RZNCAIN

The winner of September’s Ride of the Month goes to Michschi (RZNCAIN) and his wife’s gorgeous torch red 2003 Mach 1. September’s theme was stock cars only. Immediately many MM members asked, “Are there even stock cars on” The answer to that question is yes, and there were enough to make a contest of out it!

Michschi goes by the name of Michael and he is 26 years old. The beautiful Mach 1 was actually Michael’s gift to his very lucky wife, Jessica. Michael first fell in love with the Mach 1 was when he was 19, but unfortunately, he couldn’t afford it at the time. Since his wife, Jessica gave Michael a 2007 Shelby GT for his 26th birthday, he decided to make the dream happen and got Jessica her favorite color, a red Mach 1 for the fourth year anniversary shortly after his birthday. What a great couple, huh?

Michael’s reaction when he won the September’s Ride of the Month was that he was excited and honored. He stated that “I really wanted to win because my wife asked me everyday how the car was doing in the voting, and when 08blkgt500 pulled ahead, she got kind of down, ‘til I rallied the troops and pulled the victory.” Jessica’s reaction was also that of excitement, Michael explains, “she thought she had no chance against some of the newer cars, especially 08blkgt500’s”

Currently, Michael and Jessica will keep it stock for now, performance-wise. They plan to modify the suspension and add an MGW short throw shifter, since Michael describes driving it as “a semi truck.” They also want to change subtle looks for the interior, such as Mach 1 embroidered headrests, billet aluminum accents, and a little paint work here and there. For the future performance modifications, Michael would like to put in a supercharger in that would still keep the shaker functional and new exhausts.

Michael said that his best memory with the Mach 1 was “seeing her face light of when I pulled it in the driveway to show my wife after I bought it for her. She busted me 2 days before making the deal, so I played it off like I might not be buying it, or I was just looking, trying to save the surprise as much as possible. Also, seeing her win best of class in a car show in the 1991-present class, including my Shelby.” His worst memory with the Mach 1 was when he got the wheels that unfortunately didn’t fit on the mustang and having it on the jack stands for three weeks.

Michael would also like to comment for all the MM members, “Thanks to all those whom voted for me, and to those who didn’t, thanks for voting and keeping the ROTM going, because if we all have the same taste and the same car, life would get pretty boring. Celebrate to each of their own.” Congratulations to Michael and Jessica for winning with their stunning 2003 Mach 1!

Article written by 08blkgt500, edited Smoothgrandmama