Beyond Driven: 2013 ROTY, iRoush

Every once in a great while a Mustang owner creates a machine that is on a tier above the masses of other ponies. Much more than a set of wheels, a fancy paint scheme, or an endless list of bolt-ons, this car is meticulously planned and purpose built. The 2013 Ride of the Year shows what is possible when limits are ignored and the passion for racing burns strong. For his efforts, we honor December 2013 Ride of the Month and 2013 Ride of the Year winner, iRoush.

Brett M. (aka iRoush), began his obsession of motorsports as a child when his father would take him to drag racing events. As an airline mechanic, Brett’s father passed down his wrenching skills to his young son. When Brett turned 16, he purchased a 1998 3.8L Mustang. He soon began to prep the car for auto-cross competition with suspension upgrades and a 4.2L stroker. While gaining experience and moving up in the ranks with stiffer competition, he realized the need for a better base on which to build his corner carver.

In 2010, iRoush purchased a 1999 Roush Stage 2, #3115. Draped in dark green satin, a rare color for a Roush, the odometer read a mere 60,000 miles. Already capable of pulling 1G on the skid pad in stock form, he made it his ultimate goal to build a NASA American Iron car. With the suspension semi set, the focus shifted to power. An MMR 600 decked shortblock replaced the stock mill. The entire rotating assembly was balanced along with the Steeda harmonic balancer and Fidanza flywheel. A set of MHS stage 3 heads were decked .030 paired with MHS stage 4.5 cams bringing the compression ration to a stout 13.7:1.

Mac longtubes, Accufab plenum, Roush 75mm throttle body, 90mm MAF, and 42# green tops were installed. A port-matched PI intake wills the 2 valve to a hefty 388 RWHP and 385 RWTQ naturally aspirated! After acquiring a new DD, the all out build began. Roush PBR brakes and Maximum Motorsports 4 point roll bar where installed before the car that became known as “Godzilla” was taken to its first auto-cross in February 2013. iRoush plans to continue to improve his driving abilities and eventually take a Regional Auto-Cross Championship.

iRoush’s Mustang is a paradigm of the build so many of us would like to accomplish if practicality could be pushed aside. His ride has been transformed from a street friendly daily driver to a hard core auto-cross competitor. Just looking at the car inspires our own builds and creates endless insight into what is possible with the sn95 format. For his efforts and absolutely stunning Roush, we are proud to deem iRoush December 2013 ROTM and 2013 ROTY.

article written by: Shelbydog!