Building a Monster on a College Budget

April 2012 ROTM winner “WishIhada5.0” has accomplished just that in the 4 years he has owned his 2002 True Blue GT.  The Mustang entered his life as a 67,900 mile internet listing on the local Infiniti dealership website.  It was bone stock when it came home but it didn’t stay that way for long.  Just 4 days after the car was purchased, he’d already placed his first order on  At first, the mods were just appearance goodies and an intake/throttle body.  He then found a deal on a set of new BBK Longtubes that he simply couldn’t pass up.  From that point on, the “Mod Bug” by which so many of us have been afflicted, had claimed another member’s wallet.

The bigger mods started with a new catback, Eibach ProKit springs and on up to a 1.7L Kenne Bell supercharger with set of VT/CMS stage 3 Blower cams.  Before the cams were installed, he put down 378/442 rwhp/rwtq on Rodeheaver Hot Rod’s Mustang Dyno with only his KB and a few bolt-ons.

WishIhada5.0’s goal for his ‘Stang is to eventually get a magazine article done by either MM&FF or 5.0 Magazine.  Future mods to include a 5.4L 4V motor with a Hellion Twin-Turbo setup, Tremec T56 Magnum transmission, full suspension, custom two-tone Black and True Blue paint.  His hope is to eventually have 4 digit horsepower numbers on the dyno using 93 Octane pump gas.  Congratulations also go out to WishIhada5.0 as he graduated Saint Vincent College on May 12, 2012 with a bachelor of science degree in Business Management and a minor in Operational Excellence.

Article written by Rainbow