Bullitt and Boss For 2007?

Boss Shinoda Mustang at DealershipAmid much speculation about the next generation Mustang planned for 2010 (see Guigiaro), Ford has been somewhat quiet about what’s coming next year. On that list is, reportedly, is another Bullitt edition and the “official” return of the Boss. This is in addition to the already promised Shelby GT.

We’ve reported these vehicles in the past, and the Bullitt was planned for ’07 however we didn’t expect to see the Boss until ’08. What promped the discussion was a recent article by Motor Trend. According to MT, the Bullitt is going more of a nastalgia build – mostly cosmetic changes, featuring “a plain grille without galloping pony badge or spotlights and a black-painted panel between the taillights, just like McQueen’s ’68. Naturally, the car will be available in Highland Green.”

Bullitt Ford Mustang Concept

The most promising of the lot is the Boss. With just 1,000 planned for production, and with a race inspired setup, it should be a helluva ride. By far the coolest part of this Modded Mustang is the engine. Originally rumored for the ’09 Mustang GT’s, the engine code named “Hurricane” will likely be stuffed between the strut towers and the car will be marketed as a late ’07 or early ’08 model. The 5.0L DOHC cammer will have variable valve timing technology to help boost fuel economy in addition to laying down some mad power with estimates edging upwards of 500 horsepower.

So what’s it gonna be… 2007? 2008? 2009? In addition to the Shelby GT? Are you as confused as we are? One thing’s for sure though – it’ll be exciting to see how Ford’s Way Foward strategy works out.