Can You Hear Me Now?

February was a record setting ride of the month for Modded Mustangs. One of the big reasons for this record setting month was Tinkerbell’s meticulously modified and cared for 2003 Mustang GT. The car was purchased in 2005 to prevent a divorce, the then husband knowing she had always wanted a Mustang was hoping to keep her around with the car.  However Tink made every payment falling madly in love with the Mustang and eventually getting  the divorce to be with her true love.

Tinkerbell began modifying her car, vinyls and graphics were added.  Some of the easier do-it-yourself mods were done.  Until one fateful day Tink was on the way home from work when her car was T-Boned by another vehicle.  Tink was devastated, until she realized that she would be getting an all new paint job and all her vinyls and graphics would now be clean smooth painted on applications.

Now you may be thinking, “Yes this is a clean car, and yes those are some shiny black chrome FR500’s, but how did this car help set an MM ROTM record?” thankfully I have an answer for you!  This would be because Tink didn’t stop with the paint and suspension or the wheels and performance.  Tink went all out, this car is the purest definition of a completely modified Mustang.  From the inside out, this is entirely Tinkerbells Mustang.

Everything in this car has been touched;  Bezel’s, knobs, handles, levers, cup holders, vents.  I would challenge you find something on this car that has not been modified.  How much is too much?  I don’t know and that’s the beauty of this car.  Because Tinkerbell isn’t through yet.  At this time she is working out the final stages of her nitrous install.

Tink still has many plans for her GT, things like drilled slotted rotors, a big brake upgrade and of course a supercharger.  For now though, the way a man’s chin drops to the oil pan when he rev’s his engine next to her at a stop light and see’s her face as she rolls her tinted window down, is enough to tell her she’s doing something right.  I would have to Agree. Tinkerbell, From Modded Mustangs, Congratulations on winning February’s ROTM.

“I love it here.  Everyone has made me feel welcome from the day that I posted my introduction thread.  I consider a lot of you guys like my second family ”  ~ Tinkerbell_too