Chariot of the God

We are all born mortal, however a select few are born immortals. One of these few is no other than “TheUNZippee!” aka Rick. He is a god among men on Modded Mustangs. That is an honor only mortals dream of, but is a reality for Rick, a highly respected admin on our site. No matter what part on the forum you venture to, Rick has graced it with his presence. After entering his car in the November Foliage ROTM and won the votes of his worshippers, or shall we say peers, to take home the title of ROTM for November.

Rick is a young age of 45 and lives in Ontario, Canada with his family. He had aspirations of being an auto mechanic and served about 3 years in his apprenticeship before a decision lead him to driving trucks. He started out driving tow trucks and then switched to tractor trailers. He has been commercially driving for the last 27 years and loving it, so much in fact he has racked up an astounding 2 million miles so far.

Growing up, Rick was always a Mopar guy . That all changed in 2004 when he saw the concept of the S197. He instantly fell in love with the design and there was no looking back from there on out. He ordered his 2007 GT in April 2006 and it was delivered to him June 2006. It is his summer daily driver. Rick’s chariot right now has some sweet, but subtle mods. Those include the basics: Airaid CAI, 93 tune, 4.10s, axle backs, Hurst shifter, upper and lower control arms, and some visual mods.

His future plan with the car is to basically blow it up. No, not with some godly-like powers, but in a way that he can rebuild his short block. However, he is having a hard time getting that to happen because of how stout the 4.6 3v engine is. Once that happens, he wants to add a Kenne Bell. He plans to not go too crazy and stick around the 600-700hp mark. The short block combined with the Kenne Bell and its glorious whine will make one potent machine.

Rick’s dream is to own a house big enough that can support a shop so he can spend his days wrenching on his car. That is his passion, to break and rebuild. He doesn’t care if he doesn’t have the most powerful car or fastest. He just wants to enjoy beating on it, breaking it, and then starting the process all over.

There is surely more to come from Rick and his glorious steed. Congratulations on your win for the November Fall Foliage ROTM.

Article written by: Blackwidowstang