White99stang’s MM&FF “Street Legal Stick-Shift Shootout”

MM&FF Street Legal Stick-Shift Shootout - Tim Singleton aka White99StangModded Mustangs member Timothy Singleton, aka White99stang, recently competed at Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords “Street Legal Stick-Shift Shootout”, which printed in this month’s July 2007 issue. Tim has worked very hard modifying his pony, and has been a member of the forum since it’s beginning back in 2005 (seems like so long ago).

MM&FF editors had this to say: “Timothy Singleton showed up with the only naturally aspirated ride and promptly powershifted his way into Fourth Place. VT Engines assembled the stroker 302 mod motor. The extra displacement is complemented by a Nitrous Express single-stage wet kit that’s good for an extra 150 ponies. Of all the cars that passed over the scales, Timothy’s was the lightest, weighing a scant 3,134 pounds. His Stang was one of many that ended up sacrificing parts to the speed gods. He had just put the car on the chassis dyno after his fourth run and noticed that the paint on the rearend cover was cracked. Not wanting to take the chance of really breaking something, Timothy pulled the car onto the trailer, but not before stopping the clocks well into the 11-second zone.”

Tim Singleton - White99Stang 

And we asked Tim about his experience at the shootout…

Well i showed up in Jersey knowing i was going to be the lowest hp car out there and it was proven I was. The car dynoed at 417rwhp and 585rwtq four days before the shootout. Every car had more power and only one was less than a 100hp above me. Rick (twist2go) put together my Promotion t-45 for me before I left so the first pass I wanted to check everything out N/A. With the old 26 inch slicks I only cut a 1.87 60ft and managed a 12.47. Everyone else was already deep into the 11’s and a couple in the 10’s so I said screw it and put the 100 shot jets in to get a feel for the nitrous.

I launched N/A and after it came down I floored it to activate the nitrous and managed to pull the front tires over a foot off the ground at about the 60ft mark. Managed to get a 12.0 and knew it wasn’t going to be enough to finish in the top 6.

So in the 150 shot pills went and I had to launch off the nitrous this time. Holding the gas at 5800rpms I floored it as soon as I saw the green light and felt the full force of the 600rwtq, hitting my head against the back of my seat almost knocking me out. Hung on for a 1.5 60ft and powershifted the hell out of the car for a 11.27 at 121. Right there i knew I should be in the top 3. Justin burcham just had a customer bring out another car since he broke the one he was driving and this car managed to sneak in with 10 sec pass before blowing the motor taking third. The red 2v made over 650rwhp.

By now my car was making a loud whining noise from the rearend and I knew that I maybe only had a couple more passes in her so I ran it again bringing the rpms up to 6600 and launching it off the nitrous and managed the 1.48 60ft. Never removing my foot from the gas powershifted to a 11.13 @ 123. Now the rearend was making the noise so loud people from 50 yards away could here it.

Since they were trying to dyno everyones car I was next but the guy didn’t want me to dyno the car incase the rearend blew and I broke his dyno. So with every car but 2 broken and mine limping I wanted to get another run it so I put the 200 shot jets in, cause she will fly or she will die. Brought it around the the starting line and the editer said I couldn’t run again since my rear was making the noise and they were already taking photos and the 2 cars left standing. So on the trailer the car went and so did many other cars from broken axles, rearend gears, and clutches.

After getting the car home and doing an inspection come to find out i ate 25 teeth on the ring gear and it still made it down the track. So coming soon is a dedicated nitrous fuel system, 225 shot, and hopefully some low 10’s.

 MM&FF Tim Singleton Stick Shootout Engine Picture

This was also enough to plant Tim with a “Featured Ride” badge, and to congratulate him on getting his car into a magazine most all Mustanger’s would want to be spread in. His car was built and tuned with help from friends and VT Engines. He’s got a 302 stroker engine powered by a Nitrous Express single stage wet kit. Ported heads, stage II VT bumpsticks, lots of bolt-ons, bolt-offs (did we mention his car weighs a scant 3,100 pounds?), and excellent stick skills will be pushing this car deep into the 10 second zone soon… and maybe further.

Tim about to launch at the drag strip