Corner Cutting Kitty

Modded Mustangs’ resident suspension guru and California native, Eric AKA “Jazzer the Cat”, takes the twisty road less traveled approach to modding.  Straight-line acceleration and corner destroying capabilities, Jazzer combines them both purrrfectly in his 2002 Saleen.  Eric has now gone Griggs GR-40/SLA upgrade after replacement of his previous Mustang love, a 1985 GT.  His original intention was to leave the Saleen in OEM form, but the love of auto-cross soon trumped those plans.  Already a potent performer in stock form, Eric saw room for improvement and opted for the extreme approach to the carving of corners.

The stance is low, anxiously crouched to pounce upon any unsuspecting apex.  Underneath the testosterone stirring sheet metal and fiberglass sits a suspension system that will have MIT grads reaching for their notepads.  Griggs tubular K member with welded supports are linked to a set of SLA twin control arms for paralleled front end grip.  The 1.5″ anti-roll bar keeps the body true in aggressive turns and the Koni coilovers connecting 13″ cross-drilled 4 piston Brembos keeps all of the above under compete control.  Moving on to the rear, the Griggs torque arm, pan-hard bar and adjustable LCA’s keep the Tru-track differential in line, while 3.55 gears transfer asphalt ripping grip to mammoth 18″ x 11″ chrome Saleens wrapped in Toyo R888’s.  As Jazzer darts between orange cones, they are left trembling by the purring exhaust note of the S281.  Whether they be hairpin, tear drop or straight away, Jazzer is well prepared for the road less traveled.

The Abyssinian of auto-cross plans to put the Stang through its paces until its wheels fall off.  Future plans include a complete rebuild of the SLA system, as the current one has seen over 40K miles of punishment and in need of the latest update found in the Griggs design.  Jazzer is not only a corner junkie, he is also a pretty cool cat.  As a longstanding member of Modded Mustangs, he is always ready and willing to offer sound advice to anyone who wants to pursue something other than straight line performance.  He has become MM’s resident authority on suspension modification and if you are ever in need of a good feline pun, just send a PM.  Jazzer has proven a mustangs capabilities extend far beyond your local drag strip.

Ladies and gentlemen, your August 2011 ROTM; “Jazzer The Cat”

Article Written by: Shelbydog!