“Cragar Edition” Mustang GT

Cragar Edition Ford Musatang GT Front ClipCragar is showing they make more than just wheels with this 70’s era inspired ponycar. In an attempt at getting into the tuner business, they’ve struck a deal with Ford to sell these cars new – right off the dealership floor.

This special edition is definately going for the raw, old school look. Every piece of this car is functional, from top to bottom the Cragar Edition Mustang means business. The appearance package really gives this ponycar a musclecar kind of feel, which is hard these days. Based on the information we have so far, they may be taking the “Boss” look alittle farther than the Boss, actually… but probably not as much so on the performance end.

Starting with a 2006 Mustang GT, Cragar wraps their (suprise!) S/S 20×10″ wheels around their own “Big Blue” large, high-performance disc brakes and drilled rotors. Power is increased slighly thanks to a cold air intake kit fed through a large, functional, hood scoop. That extra air exits via a performance cat-back exhaust system.

Cragar Mustang

That pretty much sums up the go-fast stuff, though there’s a few more goodies to be found on this Modded Mustang. On the outide you can see the huge hood scoop protruding from the matte black hood. A Boss style chin spoiler rounds out the front bumper and the bright yellow paint is wrapped in Boss style graphics. On the inside you’re given a Crager shift knob and some branded floor mats. As an option you can add rear window louvers to finish of a truly 70’s look.

Cragar Mustang Side View

That’s not all folks, while they’re at it Crager’s gonna hook you up with Special Edition accessories, including hat, jacket, Cragar S/S key chain, and a free subscription to Hot Rod magazine. They’re really sweetening the pot now, heh.

Cragar Edition Mustang Shot From The Rear

Even better, this car comes with a full factory warranty. The Cragar Edition Mustang is only available through select Ford dealers, though the list hasn’t been published yet. Same thing in the pricing department. Visit the Cragar website for their official release and contact information if you want to get your hands on an attempt at classic American muscle.