Darrell – February Ride of The Month

Darrel Reinhold’s Black Fox Body Mustang Ride Of The Month 

So how many of you love a nice and clean foxbody?  How about a nice and clean foxbody with enough bark to scrape the back bumper down the 1320?  I know I do.  If you don’t then… well of course you do.

One of the fastest cars of the members of Modded Mustangs was once parked in the driveway of Darrell Reinhold.  When Darrell isn’t busy building hard core race cars he works as a locomotive engineer.  As you can see by the extensive mod list of this 1990 Mustang LX notchback, Darrell certainly knows what he is doing when it comes to mustangs.

Darrell’s notchback is sporting a 425 cubic inch small block.  Thats right, small block, this is a shout out for you guys who scream “no replacement for displacement.”  Starting off at the intake, the mustang has a Edelbrock Super Victor ported by M2 Race systems with a Holley HP1000 Carb.  The heads used on this beast were Trickflow R series CNC 225s with a solid roller cam.  All of this pays off to a sporty 13.06:1 compression ratio.  The air is released through Furo Racecraft’s custom 2″ stepped to 2 1/8″ headers.  Past the headers sats a Furo Racecraft 3 1/2″ x-pipe with flowmaster mufflers to give this dog a mean bark.  The 1974 production 351W block made 702 ponies on an engine dyno.

425 Cubic Inch Stroked Small Block Ford Mustang Engine

The car was welded and braced 8.8 with Mark Williams gun drilled 35 spline axles, lightweight gun drilled spool, 9 inch ends, etc.  It was also Mini tubbed with 28×10.5 Mickey Thompson slicks and 26×4.5 Mickey Thompson front runners.  Once again Furo Racecraft stepped up to the plate with their custom SFI 25.5 roll cage.  It also had Team Z Motorsports double adjustable upper control arms, offset adjustable lower control arms and an anti roll device. The transmission was a PA Super Comp C4 with a Coan 5800 stall converter.  All of this hard work paid off with a best time of 9.36 at 143 with a 1.32 60 foot.

In late 2007 Darrell tried a new combo.  He slapped on a CHI Commander 4.0 intake an 1150 dominator and a new cam.  But just after only 4 passes a valve broke ruining Darrell’s season.  The best pass came off of the pass with the failure and it ending up being a 9.40 at 142 with a 1.27 60 foot.  The valve broke right after the 1000 ft mark so you can only image what the time would have been if it was healthy.

Fox Body Ford Mustang Drag Racing At The Strip

Sadly, Darrell sold the car as a rolling chassis.  But he wants to let all of you know to keep your eyes peeled for his newest project.  A street driven 89 LX with a 425 cu in the nines.  You can tell by this his old notchback that a LX in Darrell’s hands is bound to be one of the baddest on the planet!  Congratulations to Darrell once again on winning February’s Ride of The Month!