Do I Hear a Turbo Coming?

Twin Turbo Me Please

You heard me right!  Although there is no official word yet,  it is rumored that the 2012 GT500 may in fact be carrying a twin-turbo variant of the new “Coyote 5.0”.

Why would Ford scrap the 5.4 platform?  Well the answer lies in production.  As Ford renews the F-series with the 6.2 V8 the 5.4 will be phased out.  So this brings us to the GT500.  Ford is faced with the choice of a heavy 6.2 variant from the “Raptor” or a hopped up 5.0, I myself would prefer the twin-turbo variant.

The "Coyote"

In addition to being twin-turboed it’s also a big possibillty that the new GT500 engine will have an aluminium block to save weight.  While most of this is speculation, there are alot rumors and “comfirmed” facts.  But in any case, be it a twin-turboed 5.0 or a supercharged 6.2 the future for the most powerful production mustang is very very bright.