Doc8224 & yeah_itsa_v6 Military Appreciation

MM Screen Name: Doc8224

Name & Rank:  Pickney,Matthew PFC

Years/Months in the Service:  1yr 4mo

MM:  What made you want to join the military?

Doc8224:  Serve my country and to learn an advance skill in aviation so I could take care of and support my family.

MM:  What do you like most about it?

Doc8224:  I work on Apache attack helicopters!! Need I say more?

MM:  Biggest dislike?

Doc8224:  It’s the Army and anyone who is in or has ever been will tell you the same thing.  It’s doing the crap stuff that you really hate doing and doing stuff that you might like just having to do them when you might not want to.  Case in point, 0530 PT!! I love PT I love being in shape and working out, I just have no desire to do it at 0530.  Other than it’s being close to the bottom of the barrel in rank that sucks the most.

MM:  Best Memory?

Doc8224:  I was on a FARP (Forward Ammo and Refueling Point) for the first time and my MOS is the pad chief that directs pretty much everything.  I remember seeing the first Apache of the mission come over the hill towards our FARP and the rush of it as it landed mere feet from me, as I hooked up to it with the blades whizzing above, the next one landed on the other side about the same distance from me.  Now I’m on the radio with the 2 officers in the first bird discussing the rockets,missiles, and 30mm rounds we are loading while 2 of the baddest attack helicopters in the world are just a few feet away from on either side with their rotor blades about to blow me off the pad.  This is by far the most amazing rush of adrenaline, fear and accomplishment I’ve ever felt, and is only overshadowed by the feeling I got as both of them lifted off almost at the same time and flew off into the distance.  I’d say so far that’s gotta be my best memory.

MM:  Can you tell us about one person in the service who has affected your life most?

Doc8224:  SFC Garrett (the roaming gnome) he was a platoon leader that gave me some of the best advice about leadership and being a good soldier, he motivated me to take on leadership positions that would help me to understand how to be a good NCO later in my career and is just one of the best darn NCO’s you’ll ever come across, I’d go to war with him anytime.

MM Screen Name:  yeah_itsa_v6

Name & Rank:  SrA(E-4) Ginn, Philip

Years/Months in the Service:  3 yrs

MM:  What made you want to join the military?

yeah_itsa_v6:  Love of my country

MM:  What do you like most about it?

yeah_itsa_v6:  Knowing people who come up to you and thank you for what u do and knowing I’m helping to protect those people and america

MM: Biggest dislike?

yeah_itsa_v6:  Cant get the base you want on your dream sheet, I guess thats why they call it a dream sheet ha!

MM:  Best Memory?

yeah_itsa_v6:  Probably when I bought my mustang.

MM:  Can you tell us about one person in the service who has affected your life most

yeah_itsa_v6:  Yea my best friend who I met at the base I am now, his name is Michael and he is like a brother to me, I help him out and he helps me out no matter what it is, and he is always there for me.