F8L Launches


Some say his shifts are recorded by seismographs and his launches affect the rotation of the earth.  All we know is, he’s called F8L GT.  October’s 2011 ROTM comes to you from the unlikely land of Northern Michigan.  From snapping shifter handles to fabricating his own transmissions, F8L GT is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable drag racers to sit behind the wheel of a Mustang.

Since 2007, this ’02 GT has undergone significant modifications far beyond ordinary bolt-ons and F8L has taken a unique but focused approach to his build.  While many focus on its raw power or jaw-dropping looks, the beauty lies in the details of this car.  A careful hand and extraordinary fabrication skills have transformed an ordinary GT into a drag-strip monster that even magazines have taken notice.  Who else can lay claim to running a 12.55 quarter mile while putting advertised stock power to the wheels from a stock long block (261HP/299TQ)?

F8L’s mods will make you re-think that turbo or supercharger and start thinking about what else will take a few tenths, or in this case full seconds, off that ET.  To keep the tires on the ground stock springs dampened by Strange 10-way adjustable shocks and struts are held in place by CHE lower control arms and Baseline Relocated Upper Control arms.  The stock long block puts power through a one-off custom “faceplated” 3650, 4.10 gears and 28″ Hoosiers screwed to Jeg’s Sport Stars giving this car the perfect gear for flying through the traps. Other bolt-ons include a JLT Ram Air intake, Diablosport Predator tune, Professional Products intake plenum & 70mm Throttle Body. Look a bit further, to find ZEX Power Tune spark plugs, MSD 2 Step rev limiter, BBK Underdrive Pulleys, Flowtech Long Tubes and Terminator X-pipe.  Beyond this, a Bassani Cat-back dumped before axles and Solid Motor Mounts. Massive amounts of weight reduction mean this car doesn’t even bother with headlights.

Looking at all the fabrication and time put into this build I can’t help but be inspired to go work on my own car.  If you get stumped trying to fabricate transmission internals or anything else Mustang related, F8L GT is more than happy to help through private messages. Stay tuned for more, because F8L has a little brother by way of an ’89 LX hatch.  Judging by how this car has turned out, it won’t be a huge surprise to see more jaw-dropping times and perhaps another ROTM out of this yooper.

Article written by: brokenweasel