Faux Roush

Modifying cars has been around just about as long as there have been cars, but there are certain levels of modification. You can go basic and change a few things like wheels and tires or add a few bolt ons. You could be serious about it and go for the full paint job or dive deeper into the engine than most – or you can completely transform your Mustang like Dennis Bowen, aka Froush. His hard work over the years has not only netted a very sexy ride, but a coveted Ride of the Month win for September 2013.

It all started with the purchase of his 2002 Mustang with 105,000 miles on the clock. Dennis started with the usual tint and exhaust. Then came the sticker mod. Some vinyl stripes added some visual flare but not much more. A friend at work introduced him to the internet forums where he quickly found inspiration for his next round of modifications. A Roush stage 3 body kit was added as well as a hot 2000 Cobra R hood. Roush wheels rounded it all out. He rented some time in the paint booth at his local body shop to squirt some color. The result was a good looking car, but Dennis wanted more.

When the time was right, a deal fell into his lap. A 2.2l Kenne Bell Supercharger with only dyno time on it was for sale and it fit his needs perfectly. It was missing the fuel system and heat exchanger but soon found its way to the valley of his 4.6. During the install, he converted to an 8 rib setup and allowing the blower push 19 pounds of boost into the engine. A fuel system issue kept the dyno numbers low at a still impressive 580 RWHP and 571 RWTQ. The first run at the track on this combo was going well until the engine hung at WOT. It only took 8 seconds to melt all but one spark plug, a cylinder head, and 2 cylinders. But just like the guys in the PBR series, Dennis got back up and was prepared to do better.

Dennis found a donor GT that already had some go fast parts and began the motor swap. He sold some of the unused parts to help pay for the switch but ended up with a built engine, trans, and rear end. The bonus was the drag suspension he put under the car. That stage of the car lasted another year but the bug had bit. Still more power was needed.

Starting with a new Teksid block and a second-hand set of ported Foxlake heads, the only parts transferred from the original donor engine is the crank and cams. Manley pistons, rods, new bearings, and rings round out the rotating assembly. He has not taken it to the track just yet as this engine build has just been completed. But who says he’s done transforming his ride?

article written by: Marc