Flavor Of The Month: In More Ways Than One

Some of us like to keep cars for years. Keep them in the garage, bring them out to wash them, and then put them right back in. Not February Ride of the Month Winner, Ryan Weems. Not only does he daily drive his vehicles, he seems to change them out on a monthly basis.

Case in point is his ROTM winning Bullitt. After selling his white Mach 1, Ryan decided he could not live without another Mustang in his stable. So he went searching and found what he thought was going to be a perfect fit. It came in the form of a black supercharged Bullitt.

Ryan spent countless hours massaging the paint trying to get rid off all the imperfections to make the car shine. All of the work he put in to paint correction was complemented by the 4″ VIS carbon fiber cowl hood, Mach 1 chin spoiler, and grill delete.

Sucking in air under the hood is a Novi 1000 running 8 pounds of boost. Keeping that compressed air cooled was the job of a CX Racing intercooler. The much needed fuel was supplied by a set of FRPP 39 lb injectors. All that forced air had to go somewhere. Helping in those breathing chores were Heddman longtube headers mated to a Heddman x pipe. Finally all of the spent fuel and air exited a Flowmaster catback.

Helping get that power to the ground was a set of 305/35/18 Nitto drag radials mounted to 18×10 Anthracite Fr500s. Up front a set of 18x9s were treated to a set of BFG G Force tires. Keeping those tires firmly planted during hard launches required something other then the stock suspension. Tokico D spec shocks and struts with Eibach Sportline springs proved up to the task. Stiffening up the suspension is a full set of Energy Suspension poly bushings. Aligning all of this is a set of UPR camber caster plates.

These mods, and apparently some form of driver mod, allowed Ryan to rocket this Bullitt down the quarter mile in 12.7 seconds with a trap speed of 110mph.

Never being happy, and always wanting a new flavor, Ryan sold the car to work on something better. How do you improve on that you ask? It’s simple. Keep tuning in to the ROTM and I am sure you will see Ryans next project that I lovingly call the Big Banana.

Author: James Kleinheinz (aka M.P. Cobra Fan)