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For the ultra cool, talented, sophisticated etc. article editors of Modded Mustangs.
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ROTM Working Area

This is for the ROTM articles to be worked and corrected. Please keep all discussion in this section to only things that pertain to ROTM.
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Mustang Forums

Modular Mustangs

All things Tech related to 2v, 3v, and 4v modular 4.6L Mustangs; both SOHC and DOHC engines. Includes GT, Cobra, Saleen, Shelby, Roush, Steeda, and other special editions.
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2015 Mustang S550

Talk about the new 6th Generation Mustang S550.
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5.0 Mustangs

Fox body to SN95's. Use this forum for V8 tech talk of this body style, includes 5.0 LX, GT, and the Cobra. Motor swaps included.
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V6 Mustangs

Let's face it, the Mustang's livelyhood is a direct result of these cars. This section covers the V6 Mustang tech questions for the model years 1994 to current.
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2.3 Mustangs

Hey, 4 bangers can do it too! Discussion related to the 4 cylinder 2.3L engine available in 1993 and older fox bodies.
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Classic Mustangs

The Mustang which started the craze back in 1964, this classic ponycar was produced until 1973.
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All Other Vehicles

For discussion of non-Mustang vehicles.
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General Car Care & Detailing

Tired of being a filthy filly? Learn how to wash, wax, polish, and detail your Pony here!
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General Tech

Need to know how many quarts of oil your car should hold? How about the best plug gap to run? Post all your general questions and answers here.
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Racer's Corner

For your kill stories and track racing experiences. Certainly a home for many Mustang enthusiasts. Sections include drag, circle and autocross.
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General Forum

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New Members Introductions

Come on in! Kick your shoes off and stay a while. Introduce yourself to the rest of the gang.
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Ride Of The Month

A place for polls and discussions about deciding the Ride of the Month!
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Video's of stang's owning chevy's, the hottest cars and ladies, etc. If you've got sick photoshop skills, you can show them off here.
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Gathering place for folks looking for local events and get togethers.
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Home Page Feature News

Post home Page news here.
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TECH Exchange TECH Exchange is a new program that informs, educates and rewards members for sharing their expertise and experience.

What is This?

Everything you wanted to know about the TECH Exchange
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Articles - Engine, Core

Heavy duty, high definition engine topics
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Articles - Engine, Other

Everything else relating to engines
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Articles - Driveline

From the flywheel back to the axles
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Articles - Chassis

Suspension, steering, wheels, tires, etc.
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Articles - Body

Body, electrical, interior, etc.
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Articles - Electronics

All about those little black boxes
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Articles - Detailing

Detailing Mecca
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Articles - Other

The Kitchen Drawer
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Looking to buy, sell or trade? No businesses hereplease, for member to member only. Includes Mustang parts and cars. Not responsible for member or trade disputes, use at your own risk. NOTE: Please prefix thread titles with either WTS, WTB or WTT.
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Classifieds Archive

Where Classifieds Go To Die
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Please share your experiences in the aftermarket, helping others make the best decisions about where to spend their money.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Diode Dynamics

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OE Wheels Distributors

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Imported content


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  1. This how to is going to go over how to install a 2010+ steering wheel into your 05-09 (I did the Boss steering wheel into my 06) and have all of the buttons function properly. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE THING BEFORE STARTING, TRUST ME I'm not responsible if you mess something up Required Tools...
  2. Sitting next to noise cams you can tell a difference. The Guy says they are VT stage 1 cams the stamping on them say Krupp presta patented NR 4 903.543 NR 4 947.547
  3. Hey Guys, It's been a minute. I sold my 02 and ended up in a vette. I still have the vette but i just picked up a 1990 GT with some interesting history. lol So this was built up in syracuse NY and was tuned at Larocca. The guy i bought it off of bought it in 06 or 07. Here's the original...
  4. I have similar threads on a few other forums that I've been updating somewhat regularly over the past six months but I like to cast a wide net as far as soliciting input (and shamelessly plugging my videos). I picked up a 1988 Mustang GT in late January. I've wanted a fox body for a long time...
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