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JohnnyFive January 14th, 2018 08:36 PM

Hey everyone,

My girlfriend is looking for a newer mustang, she's coming from a 02 v6 and is looking at the ecoboost.

Is there a certain year she should stay away from?

Those engines seem pretty cool new to me though, I have an 04 gt. How do you guys like the ecoboost?

Derfdog15 January 15th, 2018 09:56 AM

I haven't heard much review wise about the ecoboosts but they seem pretty stout. I have a 2.0 in my fusion, and had a 3.5 V6 in my SHO and both were/are great engines.

Just make sure you check the vehicle history/keep up on maintenance.

92StreetStang July 3rd, 2018 09:30 AM

As long as it's a 2015 or newer, it should be fine. The only thing to look out for is if you get one with a premium package, you want to get one that has SYNC 3 or SYNC 3 Connect. SYNC 3 is super nice to have vs. MyTouch. After using SYNC 3, I would never want a car with the older system. Some of the cars have heated mirror defrost or blind spot monitoring. I guess you gotta get the one that's more important.

The Ecoboost is fun as long as you keep 91 or higher octane in it. If you put the Cobb tune, that will give it a nice kick in the pants. You don't even need to put on a cold air intake. Just the tune for 93 octane will make it run really nice.

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