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From start to finish, this is the chronicle of the Mustang that started life as a slow 3.8L V-6 powered car, and how she made her rise to fame as one of the fastest race cars in American Sedan.
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Posted October 12th, 2008 at 11:09 PM by fairlane_68
Updated November 1st, 2008 at 11:56 PM by fairlane_68

She lives, and breathes once again! I got the car back on her feet, and the cooling system has been bled out. After a good bath, wet sanding the fender that got some fresh paint and clear, and buffing the fenders and hood, the old girl don't look bad at all. As you can see, I had alot of help from my assistants.

By fairlane_68, shot with E8800 at 2008-11-01

By fairlane_68, shot with E8800 at 2008-10-12

Before the cleaning:

By fairlane_68, shot with E8800 at 2008-10-12

I took her for a short test drive, and for some reason the car felt quicker. It's never barked the tires unless I really got into the throttle. The car just felt quicker. Then I realized why...duh...I had removed the rear seat, insulation, rear inside deck, and the three subs that was back in the trunk. Probably removed about 100 pounds from the car, and I forgot about it.

I also made a decision about what I'm going to do with the numbers and class letters I bought for the race that got cancelled. Since I'm going to compete in the COMMA series at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit next year, I'm going to go ahead and use them. Otherwise, it'd be a waste of money. It might make the car look corny, I might even be the butt of a few jokes about being a "wannabe," but really...who's the poser here? Not me. My car will see real track time, on a real race course.

So that's what on tap for tomrrow, and if it isn't raining, I'll do a photo shoot with me and my gear with the car.
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