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Secret huge wealth comes from Li

Posted January 2nd, 2012 at 06:16 AM by pita1992

Look at Li's annual revenue structure it: advertising revenue 12,500,000 yuan, fee income of 60 million ("Dragon Flying A"), concert income of 200 million, commercial speech [url=]discount MBT Nafasi[/url] income 36 million yuan. See more than 7 percent of revenue comes from commercial speech, commercial speech can be seen behind the more lucrative returns, which [url=]Buy mbt meli[/url] may explain why some stars refuse on the show, have resigned from the CCTV monitoring radio host behind the mystery.
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    Nicholas, now 29 years old 12 years into the line, song, [url=]discount MBT Nafasi[/url] film are popular, red, purple in the Mainland, he is making movies, advertising, music and activities to do then stop, giving the impression that ordinary day [url=]Buy mbt meli[/url] just shooting, and some lace News of the male star is actually not so simple. Recently, Nicholas Tse as the owner of exposure, that is, eight years ago had a television post-production company's CEO, is currently the company's annual turnover of hundred million, almost swept the Hong Kong TV commercial post-production business. Currently, the company expanded to Shanghai, is also actively preparing for [url=]nike air max 2011[/url] the listing ... and this is quite large enterprises, for so many years before Nicholas Tse has been low-key acting, few people know.
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