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Conversation Between Mach1dmb! and Durr4456
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  1. Durr4456
    August 23rd, 2016 06:30 PM - permalink
    Hey man, you still jumpin out at the ranch?
  2. Mach1dmb!
    October 22nd, 2013 01:47 PM - permalink
    Idk if you saw this yet, funniest stuff ever

    The Dropzone Diaries
  3. Durr4456
    September 6th, 2013 06:50 PM - permalink
    Water training, canopy course things (playing with front risers and rear risers), a long spot hop and pop, so many group jumps OR solo maneuvers, and accuracy jumps.
  4. Durr4456
    August 21st, 2013 02:00 AM - permalink
    I have like 59 and while I do everything that's required for a b, I never get someone to watch it.
  5. Mach1dmb!
    August 18th, 2013 11:38 PM - permalink
    No not yet. I have 48. I've only been going once a week cus I can't afford to rent. Still looking for a reserve canopy.
  6. Durr4456
    August 18th, 2013 03:20 PM - permalink
    haha nice.

    They had night jumps last night, but I still don't have my b yet haha I'm lazy. Do you have yours? How many jumps do you have now?
  7. Mach1dmb!
    August 4th, 2013 06:18 PM - permalink
    I went to Skydive Jersey Shore today, tiny little drop zone and I landed out in a sand pit lol
  8. Mach1dmb!
    May 1st, 2013 03:04 PM - permalink
    Yea, that's why I want to see how to improve
  9. Durr4456
    May 1st, 2013 02:55 PM - permalink
    Eh. You'll realize how retarded you look compared to everyone else haha
  10. Mach1dmb!
    May 1st, 2013 02:53 PM - permalink
    Haha yup. I need to make friends with someone who flies a camera. I really want to see myself in freefall. I had a coached jump as a student with a camera, but he never sent me the video like he said he would. Asshole.
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