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GreenShift September 26th, 2012 08:03 PM

Well the problem now is that bolt. I dont think Ill be able to extract that without screwing the heads up or taking off the lower intake again. I REALLY do not want to take off the lower intake again. The thought of it makes me want to jump off the roof. Its gone this entire tank of gas without throwing a code but still acts like poo and I know theres a vac leak on the lower intake. Its not a big one though.

I started the engine before I left today, held down the gas to about 1500rpm for a minute and then the rpm's shot up to 2000ish. I didnt think I moved my foot at all so I let off and got it to about 1500 again and after a bit it did it again. Maybe I moved my foot but Im pretty sure I didnt. After running around 3 minutes the car was acting fine and dandy. I find this strange.

I got the 93 octane tune in for the car from Lasota (took less than an hour, Im impressed) but I havent installed it yet. It said on there not to install it with vac leaks. Being the vac leak is small and Im running 93 then detonation shouldnt (keyword) be an issue and I was thinking that maybe the car needs a tune to run properly? I was debating testing the tune at cold idle to see if it some how by extreme chance improves the situation. However the thought of nuking my motor is rather unpleasant, so I thought I would wait until I got proper advice here. Thoughts and comments?

slonison September 26th, 2012 09:32 PM

Use a brick to test the RPM thing. Any weight will work but it will be more trustworthy than your foot.

I don't remember but did you try seafoaming the car?

I still think the lower is your problem :-/ If you can find a ride for the following week or so, you should and take the time to take your car apart. Risking detonation and losing your car is not worth the chance that a 93 tune will save you.

The car shouldn't run rough due to tune. Even with a "windstar" directed tune, my car still ran rough till I fixed the vac leak. Its somewhere man, just keep looking.

GreenShift September 26th, 2012 09:54 PM

Yeah its the lower but I dont think its the physical lower, just how I put it on. I found the vac leak on one part but theres probably multiple ones all around it. Along with all the RTV I used that I apparently shouldnt have. I REALLY wish I knew that. I rushed putting the lower on because of all the RTV I used thinking that was the right way to do it. I probably never seated it properly.

slonison September 26th, 2012 09:58 PM

Suck it and take it off then man. You know that you bandaid'ed it.

You were right in trying to do it right the first time but now that you know you didn't you should correct the mistake before it builds into something worse.

On the bright side, you know what needs to be done to get it off and it probably won't take more than 45 minutes to do it.

99 BLUE V6 September 26th, 2012 10:19 PM

if you think your lower is the problem go ahead and pull it. once removed, the broken bolt will probably be sticking up enough to grab it with vise gripes or something and remove it.
also if your sucking air that hard from lower were bolt is broken you maybe sucking oil from valley into the intake runner of head. i wouldn't tune until problem is corrected.

if you still have stock lower you might consider putting it back on at this point,

GreenShift September 27th, 2012 07:18 AM

Oh no I never seafoamed it by the way. I guess nows as good as time as any to do it.

I put the broken bolt head up against the stock lower I have sitting aside, Im pretty sure none or nearly none of it is going to be sticking out. The bolts broken at the second or third thread, so a little less than half an inch down.

Maybe I warped the new lower bolting the thing down like a dumbass instead of torquing it properly. Ill clean up the old lower and try it. I guess Ill pick up some more oil and another gasket and attempt it in a couple days. It should take me a lot less time since I know how to move the fuel rail and dont have that coolant tube in the way anymore. :banghead

GreenShift October 1st, 2012 12:39 PM

Ok got new gaskets, new oil, hopefully a new brain, and an easy out for the bolt. I was going to start tonight but the auto stores dont seem to have or carry the bolt I broke at all, and they cant order it. Does ANYONE have one of these they can part with and express one to me at my expense?

If I dont find one, quickly, since its an outer bolt I broke, I can get it in later withour removing the upper. So Ill continue and replace everything, put the original lower on, and just replace the bolt when I get one. Its ran somewhat fine without one so far so it cant hurt any worse I guess.

Edit: Found someone on facebook whos going to send me a few of them. Im going to take everything apart today and tomorrow, get it all prepped and then put it all back together soon as the bolts come in I think. Then I can finally put the tune on. Man thats been eating at me not being able to use it.

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