GeigerCars GT520 Mustang

GeigerCars GT520 Mustang Front ClipHow much excitement and sporty character can the current Ford Mustang really offer? GeigerCars tries to answer to this question by delivering a 520 horsepower Mustang dubbed the GT520.  Reaching a top speed of 178 mph – this European, err American, tuner car dashes from 0-62 mph in just 4.2 seconds. How’s that for an exhilarating ride?

More power through displacement and supercharging is the recipe behind the performance tuning of the GT520 4.6L 3v engine. Displacement was increased from 4.6 to 5.2 liters and the engine was extensively reworked. Precision-machining the cylinder heads, installing blower grind camshafts and reinforcing the valvetrain are part of their power treatment – as is a belt-driven supercharger with generously dimensioned intercooler. A fully stainless-steel high-performance sport exhaust system with high-performance manifold and metal catalysts round out the engine conversion.

The GT520 engine was developed during the development of a supercharger kit for the Ford Mustang GT, which will be available this fall. It (the supercharger) boosts power output of the stock 4.6L GT engine to 412 horsepower. Already on sale is the GeigerCars stainless-steel sport exhaust that is also used on GT520. The exhaust system promises not only a more exciting exhaust note but also more spectacular looks with its two large chromed tailpipes.

GT 520 Engine

The appearance package, or as the Munich tuner more aptly describes as an aerodynamic-enhancement, is designed to fit both body styles of the current Mustang – convertible and coupe. For an optimal supply of cooling and intake air the Munich tuner has also developed a special hood with large air dams.

GeigerCars GT 520 Ford Mustang

The new front fascia was designed to be easily exchanged for the production bumper, thanks to its precise fit and the retention of the original mounting points. The large oval air dam ensures ample supply of cooling air for all radiators and coolers. The lateral openings were shaped to optimize the air flow for best possible brake cooling. The integrated front spoiler reduces lift on the front axle. The rear fascia with integrated diffuser is also designed as a replacement part. Together with a large adjustable wing it produces notably more downforce on the rear axle than the production car.

Modified rocker panels round out the sport package, highlighting the multi-piece 20 inch chrome wheels. The stock fenderwells offer enough space to fit the “dub” five-spoke wheels in size 9Jx20 in front with size 255/35 ZR 20 tires. The rear axle features size 10Jx20 wheels with tires in size 285/30 ZR 20.

GeigerCars GT520 Ford Mustang Rear

Specially matched to this extreme tire / wheel combination is the height-adjustable coil-over suspension. Firmer damper settings and a ride-height lowering of up to 50 millimeters lend the two-door even more agile handling. Custom sport sway bars minimize body roll in fast corners and make turn-in more precise.

To keep the exceptional performance of the GT 520 safely in check at all times, GeigerCars has developed a high-performance braking system for the Mustang. It features vented and cross-drilled 355 x 32-mm brake discs and four-piston aluminum calipers on the front axle. For even better stopping power a set of 355 x 32-mm discs and four-piston aluminum calipers can be installed on the rear.

The interior of this car shows little resemblance to the original. The full leather black interior features contoured sport seats for improved lateral support, and most of all, a 10,000 watt multimedia sound system from JBL that was custom-tailored acoustically and visually to the interior of the altered coupe.

GeigerCars GT 520 Mustang Interior

The sound system is controlled by an Alpine IVA-W200Ri head unit connected to a digital PXA-H701 sound processor from the same manufacturer. It allows the driver of the GT520 to shape the sound according to his or her personal preferences. Thanks to the easy-to-use iPod adapter “Drive&Play” from Harman / Kardon the driver can enjoy the music stored on his iPod in addition to listening to radio, CD’s and DVD’s.

As noted earlier, the sound system pushes a mind numbing 10,000 watts (we had to say that twice, heh). A total of four JBL amps, types Px300.4, Px600.2 and A6000GTI, push the speaker to the brink of insanity. A bigger alternator and five, count em, five Optima Yellow Top batteries ensure the stereo system’s electrical health even at full volume.

GeigerCars GT 520 Ford Mustang Stereo System

None other than installation specialist Renato Rivic from X-Dream-CarAudio implanted the distinguished products for JBL in the Ford Mustang. His futuristic shapes and choice of luxury materials add quite a bit more style to the interior. The Mustang now features a perfectly integrated real 5.1 surround system with top-shelf hardware from JBL. The speakers are located on the dashboard, in the doors, the space formerly occupied by the two rear emergency seats, and in the trunk: Two W15GTI subwoofers as well as three C508GTI, two GTO804 and one C608 GTI loudspeaker systems guarantee exceptional listening pleasure.

GT 520 Mustang

The GT520 Mustang will spend the next 12 months as a show car at various exhibitions around the world. Individual components of the tuner car are available for all current Mustang models at the website. Hopefully their tour will land them somewhere in the US, it’d be interesting to see how German engineering stacks up against Roush, Saleen, Foose, Steeda, Shelby, Shinoda and other mainstream American tuners.