Giugiaro Concept Mustang (Full Details)

Giugiaro Concept Mustang FrontAs promised, we’ve got more information on the potential replacement of the current 2005+ bodystyle. Reported earlier by an enthusiast in Italy, this sleek design is courtesy of ItalDesign’s Fabrizio Giugiaro – stemming from a 2005 pitch to Ford Motor Company’s group vice president, design and chief creative officer J Mays.

“It seemed only fitting,” said Mays. “This design study reinforces the global appeal of Mustang, yet it’s right at home in L.A. – America’s most enthusiastic performance and muscle car market. Plus, design icon Giorgetto Giugairo’s offer to work his magic on Mustang alongside his son underscores the timelessness allure of Ford’s most iconic car.”

Confirming previous speculation, Giugiaro Mustang delivers nothing short of 500 horsepower – courtesy the standard 3v 4.6L modular V8 fitted with a Ford Racing twin-screw supercharger belting out around 11psi. To support the additional 200 ponies over stock, fuel injectors were borrowed from the Ford GT along with a 95mm mass air meter. Power exits through a pair of improved Ford Racing mufflers and a high flow x-pipe.

The FR500C race inspired suspension comes courtesy of a custom tailored Ford Racing handling pack (also available for us lowly Mustang GT owners). New struts, lowering springs, and sway bars lowers the car about 1.5 inches (compared to a Mustang GT) and greatly improves handling.

“The Mustang by Giugiaro drives as good as it looks,” said Fabrizio Giugiaro. “After taking it to the limits on streets outside of Turin, I can honestly say this car was well worth the 30,000 hours of blood, sweat and tears that we invested to create a modern performance classic.”

Giugiaro Mustang Side

On the outside, the first thing you’ll notice is the scissor doors – attached to the a-pillar and opening with the touch of a button. A single paned glass roof stretches across the entire top of the car – giving new meaning to the word “scenic”. The glass is made from a special type of crystal that filters out 100 percent of UVA rays while not impeding view – pretty cool. We doubt seriously, however, that either of these would make it to production.

Giugiaro Mustang Scissor Doors

Giugiaro Mustang Glass Roof

The interior is… well, different (to say the least). It does bear some resemblance to the current production Mustangs – with a twist – horsehide. Yes you heard it right, front and rear seating is covered in something remeniscent of a 70’s Hispanic gangster movie. Ok, we probably shouldn’t have said that… though we do dig the aircraft styled dash and circular instrument panels.

Giugiaro Mustang Interior

“When we saw the new Mustang, we knew two things: It was the best we’d seen since the original, and we had to get our hands on one,” said Fabrizio Giugiaro, styling director of Italdesign – Giugiaro S.P.A. “We still believe it’s important to show the automotive world pure exercises in style that interpret key models reflecting the history and image of important brands.”