Got Glass?


That’s right there’s a new hood for you S197 guys. Hillbank Motorsports is bringing a hood with a glass window to the mustang world. Much like the the new Corvette ZR-1’s window hood, this hood will feature a window to show off all of your engine goodies.

The hood which is probably going to be a big hit in show cars, may be something you sleeper guys would wanna shy away from. As any supercharger or poorly hidden nitrous lines would be easily visible. But if you want to show off your polished oil and brake fluid caps or your Whippled 4.6 then this is the hood for you!


Be wary though, as this new mod has the potential to be the next big ricer mod. As a glass hood is more than likely in the works for all the dressed up Tuners as well. Oh and remember to keep the Windex handy.