GT500 At SEMA – PHP’s Dragin’ Snake

Paul's High Performance Shelby GT500 at SEMABuilt to bolt down 1,320 feet of molten asphault, the PHP Dragon snake is a killer at the quarter mile. A modifications of the 2007 Shelby GT500, it’s design intent harkens back some 40 years ago, to a time when Carrol Shelby and the team at Shelby Automotive built eight drag cars to compete on the old, straight-line quarter mile battlefield. Those cars were modified in consideration of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) rulebook, with sharp attention paid to better straight-line performance and to do what Carroll Shelby does best: Winning.

Today, the team at Paul’s High Performance (PHP) pays homage to Carrol Shelby and his team at Shelby American with the PHP Dragin’ Snake. It is made for pure performance, and built to break performance records at that very same stretch of quarter mile.

Features Include:

  • Ford Racing 3.3 Supercharger Unit
  • Ford Racing Long Tube Headers
  • Ford Racing Custom 3-inch exhaust
  • PHP Tubular “K” member
  • PHP front and rear drag suspension
  • Ford Racing throttle body and mass air unit
  • PHP fule delivery system
  • Wilwood drag brakes
  • PHP 10-point roll cage

 Paul's High Performance GT500

 Paul's High Performance GT500 Interior

 Paul's High Performance GT500 Wheels and Slicks

 Paul's High Performance GT500 Rear

Back to the original GT500’s at SEMA article, and to read more about the other two GT500 Mustangs at this year’s event. The information used in this article was taken from the display sheet at SEMA.