GT500 At SEMA – Road And Track

Road and Track GT500 at SEMANo matter how hard we may try, some of us will never grow accustomed to a 9-5 workweek. Perhaps it’s because, deep inside, we yearn to break free and leave the cubical behind. Sound familiar? Then take a long, hard look at this Road and Track version of the 2007 Shelby GT500.

From Monday morning to the closing bell of Friday afternoon, it’s a daily driver, as accustomed running to the grocery store as it is back and forth to and from the office. But on the weekends, it’s demeanor does a 180, as it claims the title of weekend warrior and leaves the 9 to 5 behind.

Forget the corporate ladder. You really want to get ahead? It’s a whole lot easier to do behind the wheel of a Road and Track Shelby GT500.

Features Include:

  • Ford Racing roll cage
  • Sparco race-inspired seat/safety belts
  • Ford Racing power pack, delivering approximately 600 horsepower
  • Ford Racing Handling Pack
  • Ford Racing Cooling Pack
  • Ford Racing valve covers
  • Ford Racing strut tower brace
  • 3-piece Fiske racing wheels
  • Performance Friction racing brakes
  • Ford Racing short-throw shifter
  • Ford Racing performance gauges

GT500 Road And Track 

GT500 Road and Track Rear

Back to the original GT500’s at SEMA article, and to read more about the other two GT500 Mustangs at this year’s event. The information used in this article was taken from the display sheet at SEMA.